Thursday, July 29, 2021

A Running Story

The weather was wild & stormy yesterday, there were warnings.  

Actual storm damage in Melbourne from a few weeks ago

I thought I had a rest day, but alas not.  As it rained on & off all afternoon I battled my internal chatter that said I really ought to NOT do the run, afterall, too bloody hard + I could catch a cold running in that weather.  

Just wear a raincoat said the voice of reason; as your Dad says, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.

It seems it's not a Dad "original" afterall!

Got home from work late, which also makes me less inclined to want to run, but the voice of reason was winning.  Training has been on point even during lock down, don't ruin it now!

As I changed I could hear the wind howling! LA LA LA LA LA I said, I can't hear you! It's summer out there!  The sky is blue & it's a lovely day out side, this will be a great run!!! 

Hubs could hear me & offered to get me some sunscreen.  

It was 5.10pm overcast & almost dusk.

Out the door I run complete with gloves, ear warmers & a new book recommended by my sis playing in my ears (she said it was un-put-downable), out the end of my street, then left into the gale force wind.  I made it 4 houses before debris was flying into my face.  The wind was so loud I could barely hear my book!

F this shit says I & turns around.  If it's like this on the day of my event of course I'll run it, but who needs to train in this rubbish.  

I ran back to my house & was just about to turn in to my driveway when I heard a little voice in the back of my head.




Tool.  Turn yourself around & just get on with it.  Now, where did I put those cheerleaders?

So back I went, into the gale force wind which afterwards my running app tells me was only 32.9kms/hr WNW - not the 90kms/hr I'd heard on the radio & 11 Degrees C.

The wind abated by the end of the run & I achieved the goals within it, despite feeling like I had tree trunks & noodles all at once for legs.




Not a picture from last night, but a few weeks ago when I had a 50km Adventure Day Out, but that's a story for another day.

Friday, May 1, 2020


What a strange world we are living in.  A virus has taken over the world & I keep expecting to see a Zombie Apocalypse for real!

thanks Walking Dead

We are lucky to be working in an industry that is considered essential & while we had to slow things right down to catch up on providing the right PPE & putting in protocols to keep us safe from our clients (& each other), things have settled into the new normal.

This means for me working from home 3 x half days per week.  Hubs mother lives with us (95 y/o) & all her programs have been cancelled.  Her health is failing & she struggles with the basics meaning a lot more of my time is taken up assisting her.  Being able to work from home certainly helps with that & will probably continue regardless of the pandemic.

She's also had a lot more medical appointments which is difficult during this time & she has had a 3 night hospital stay since we've been in lock down.

My 50 before 50 challenge will require amending.  Many of the things I'd hoped to do I cannot because of the virus, but there are still plenty of things I can do!  I'm only 15 recipes into 50 & 3.75 books into 12.

TBH not much has changed for us other than missing my beloved parkrun & him not being able to go dirt bike riding.  Our building permit has been issued so every spare moment has been spent at the house removing plaster walls, ceilings & everything else + cleaning in preparation for the alterations.  Apparently I now own a very fancy battery operated sanding machine.  Looks like I get the sanding & some of the painting gigs.  Watch this space.

How are you surviving #ISO20200

Monday, February 24, 2020


When did this become a thing??

Merriam Webster dictionary says:
"one who exerts influence; a person who inspires or guides the actions of others.
often specifically: a person who is able to generate interest in something (such as a consumer product) by posting about it on social media"

Google Says:
"Social Media Influencer. noun.  A social media influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific industry.  A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and & reach"

What ever happened to leading by example?

In a work place isn't an influencer a mentor; or a really good manager?

I get that people have causes they truly believe the rest of the world should follow; did Martin Luther King refer to himself as an influencer?  Desmond Tutu?  Does Greta Thunberg?

I think what irritates me the most when people refer to themselves as "influencers" on social media is their lack of credibility & knowledge on the topic the are trying to influence me on - feels a bit like manipulation to me & a distinct lack of humility.

I must be getting old.  Excuse me while I make a cup of tea, grab a biscuit & go listen to some talk back radio.....

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

On Fire

Those of you in Australia & those who outside of Australia following world news will know that bush fires are ravishing our country right now.

from various news sites Victoria Fires, Mallacoota & the high country

I was 12 in 1983 when ONE of the Ash Wednesday fires in Victoria took the lives of 9 men; 19,300 cattle/sheep; burnt 50,000 hectares destroying 157 houses & 715 other buildings some of which were our workshop & 2 hay sheds.

You can read more here & here about the rest of the fires that collectively made up the "Ash Wednesday" Fires.  My location was the Cudgee/Balangeigh; references to Southwest Victoria & Western Victoria also relate.

I may or may not have written about it here before but I'm too lazy to go back & look; I was talking with my parents on the weekend about it & they were asking me what I remember.  Not a whole lot actually, just snapshots really.  

  • ash falling from the sky into the public swimming pool (it was our high school swimming carnival)
  • the colour of the sky - dark & eerie with smoke
  • waiting at the primary school & some kids crying - our bus was the only bus not allowed to take us home at the end of the day
  • 7 or 8 high school kids from my neighborhood waiting at my grandparents house for someone to come & collect us unsure as to whether our families or farms were safe
  • the drive back to the farm in the dark looking at the glow of the fences & trees still burning - again very eerie & but etched into my mind
  • finding our pony standing on a clump of rocks, safe from the fire with only a singed tail (our cows were safe)
  • the next day, walking the perimeter of the house/dairy paddock when a grass fire started up.  I tried to stomp it out with my rubber boots but eventually realized I was fighting a loosing battle & raced back to the house to get help (Dad came up with the fire unit & we put it out)
  • a young man who was sent to help rebuild fences & the like who spent more time hiding reading his "naughty magazines" than he did helping.  I think he was the first person I'd seen in real life with a shaved head, lots of earings & tattoo's & if memory serves me he didn't have many teeth.
Mum was as much the hero in our story as Dad who was off fighting the fires on the other side of the river when the wind swung around sending the fire towards home.  Mum was on her way to deliver food & cold drinks to the makeshift HQ as the wind changed & headed back home to fight the fire at home alone.  Our home was a dairy farm BTW.

I guess we had a fire plan which Dad would have enacted before he left & Mum would have continued with it before she headed off with the food.  As the fire came towards our house she was there with a wet towel wrapped around her head & face trying to see & breath through the smoke keeping up water to the house.  She'd placed bins & pots of water strategically at the corners of the house to keep dipping her towel into as it became warm & claustrophobic.

Dad had herded the cattle into our concrete dairy for protection earlier in the day & turned on the water spray mist to help keep them cool.  The only thing that saved them, was a fire truck getting lost & heading down our track instead of the main road finding Mum on her own.  

The firemen started to help Mum & she said NO, Save the Dairy.  The workshop next to the shed was ablaze & one of the firemen ran in to save the tip truck, but on sighting the welding bottles did an about turn racing out of the shed as they exploded, along with the truck. If he hadn't seen them he would have added to the death toll.

The truck stayed & continued to wet down the dairy & cows & keep the shed fire at bay.  Our family is eternally grateful.  I am uncertain as to how the rest of the afternoon unfolded, I should ask Dad.  We don't talk too much about it as Mum still has nightmares every now & then.  She saved the house.

Mum said her best memory is of someone delivering an apple pie the following day & to be able to sit & eat something home made with a cup of tea & get the taste of the smoke out of her mouth was just glorious.

It's been difficult seeing & listening to the news & stories of those affected by the current fires.  I am thankful for my own families outcome.  But my heart is breaking for those who have suffered so much more.

If you have a few dollars to spare, donations can be made here  to the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund with all donations going to the community.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Life has been busy.  

We worked through Christmas & the New Year although I didn't have to go to the office & could work from home I still had to answer the phone 24/7 & hubs had to go out & do the actual plumbing work that came in.  

Fitting in lots of social catch ups left us quite weary!

Then my MIL had a collapse in the hair dressers; a low blood pressure incident probably bought on by gastro (the symptoms of which were not evident until arriving at the hospital) & then pneumonia on top (probably from inhaling vomit) meant a week in an acute medical ward & then onto a Geriatric Evaluation & Management Hospital stay at another campus.  Expected discharge date is 30th Jan.  She is definitely on the mend, complaining about the food & lack of frequent hot enough cups of tea!

I went in the ambulance with her, & while I thought I was prepared for something like this it was quite confronting & my brain (& hand writing) went to mush!  FYI MIL is 95.

This has meant training has taken a back seat which is OK.  I had intended to start back Monday but forgot I'd booked in to donate blood for the first time & it's been hot & smokey the past couple of days with the local running clubs track run cancelled last night due to smoke (air quality) so instead I got up at 4am this morning & did Monday's run followed by some sun salutations & planks.  Winning.  But feel like a total beginner.

How is your 2020 shaping up so far?

Friday, December 6, 2019

Why Wait

One of the biggest reasons I don't blog so much these days is because I'm always waiting to find something profound or worthy to say, or to express myself perfectly & completely.

Truth is, I'm hitting middle age (urgh) & expressing myself perfectly & completely is probably never going to happen.

Having something profound to say; yeah nah.

Worthy however, is something I've been working on.  Why is it that some of us feel unworthy of being heard, of expressing ourselves?

Daft.  I'm going to leave that there for now.

Lastly, I'd also like more engagement, like in the golden age of (my) blogging, but I'm too lazy to promote myself & chase readers, so from here on in, comment or no, this space is just for me.  

Welcome aboard.

Garden art from a recent trip away

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Day 10 of the 10 Day Running Challenge

PRIDE & GRATITUDE: It is true that hard work & persistence pays off.  I was not a sporty child/teen/young adult.  I didn’t start gym or aerobics classes until my 30’s & didn't start running until my 40’s.  

5 minute walk/run intervals on a treadmill was where I started & this year I ran in a 100km trail event.  I am so damn proud of myself it’s not funny.  I am also extremely grateful for my bodies ability to run & pretty much the opportunity to participate in this crazy thing called running!

Brief: to grow the sport by selecting a day from a life of running that has had an impact on you, or has been a memorable moment.  No nominations, participate to your hearts content!!!

 100km this year above; 50km last year below