Friday, April 28, 2017

Playing Catch Up

I feel like I've been playing catch up since we came back from holidays, but with limited success!  First was the boring housekeeping stuff, like work & laundry; then by the first weekend home both Plumbing Boy & I had colds & were pretty much snot machines.  By the time the following weekend rolled around we were on the mend but still not great, but went away as planned for my cousin's wedding! 

It was on the South coast of Victoria along the Great Ocean Road & yes, I will be running through there in a few weeks when it's time for my next marathon!

Us cousins stayed in a house with a fab balcony & view & not much sleep was had for the weekend while we caught up, coming from WA, NSW & Victoria for a fabulous weekend.  I lost my voice completely by the end & we both headed home a little worse for wear.

Next on the agenda was Easter, which we spent still recovering from our colds & time away.  PB went away overnight dirt biking with friends - he'd be having withdrawals.  I visited with my dear friend & her 8 month old in Geelong for one night & hung out with my 4 legged friends & caught up on domestic chores for the rest of the long weekend.

This one went from Miniature Sheepdog to Miniature Schnauzer after a trip to the groomers & came home sporting a cute bandanna!  

We were away the weekend just gone for another friends 50th in the Victorian Alps.  Such a beautiful time of year to visit with the autumnal colours.  Also caught up with family who live their too!  Bonus!

Great Ocean Road Marathon training has continued despite the time away & being sick; & I really was considering downgrading to the half distance a couple of weeks ago when my attempt at 28kms was so damn hard!!!  Fast forward 2 weeks & I had 32 - 34 on my run plan.  To be honest I didn't think I'd be able to make it to 32 however the stars aligned & with 10 to go I was considering running an extra km & with 4kms to go it was a done deal.  With 33kms under my belt I am feeling like I can make the distance without curling up in the foetal position & crying like a baby in the back half!!! 

Ran 16 in the rain yesterday morning before work & have my last long run next Thursday @ 36 - 38kms.  I've run 38 prior to both previous attempts at this event.  I'm going to aim for 37 & we'll see how I go.  My dodgy (ITB) knee has held up well via taping for any distance greater than 16kms & while I have a few niggles I'm keeping them at bay for now.  Just a few weeks to go & my body can have a rest.  

I've actually started back at gym & personal training as I am pretty sure that all the niggles I have developed are down to hip instability - which means I need to actually do strength work, not think or talk about doing it.  

I signed up for the Melbourne Marathon earlier this year as I have a few friends who are doing it for the first time.  I've never run 2 marathons in one year before, but am really looking forward to putting the strength work to work, & see if I can resolve the niggles & get some speed back & make a success out of the event.  Watch this space!!  

I'll leave you with a few pictures from my morning long runs.  Love seeing the sunrise & wildlife along my urban trails & waterways!

Lastly, a couple of recovery pic's - I'm back to standing in the ocean for 20 minutes after a long run to help my legs recover & then donning my fab new 2XU recovery tights! 

 Hope you all have an ACE weekend wherever you are & what ever you do!!!