Thursday, March 30, 2017


Please forgive me - I'm a very slack blogger these days - for the few of you left out there who still read, SORRY!

I've been on annual leave with a hectic lead up to said leave.  My mumsy turned 70 so there was the planning & party for her; Plumbing Boy turned 50 & again the planning & said party for him + preparing to head oversea's for 2 weeks (for an extended birthday celebration for him).

Had a fabulous time @ all & have come home & since caught a cold.  Dems the breaks.

If you are an instagram person, I'm over there as alleycat1970 where I post on a semi weekly basis, otherwise, bare or is that bear with me & I may or may not get my blogging mojo back.  In the interim, a few holiday snaps!

Above - travelling
Below -Beautiful Aniny-y, Panay Island, Philippines 

Beautiful Boracay, Philippines

A groovy bar/restaurant/resort we went to on the island...

Day trip to Buruanga

Home away from home

One more sunset

Back to work I go.  Already planning next years trip!!!


C said...

Happy Birthday PB!!!! :)

It looks like paradise and you and PB look so happy and relaxed. What a dream trip!

Do you think you'll go back to Boracay next year or somewhere else? Holiday planning is so much fun!


AlleyCat said...

Thanks Clarissa! yes, we were happy & relaxed :-)

I think we will go back but only have one or 2 nights on Boracay - I think we'll head south to the Dive House on Panay where there is less hustle & bustle & better diving opportunities! Already have plans in the works :-) :-) :-)


Blue Grumpster said...

So now I wonder if Boracay beats Bora Bora...

AlleyCat said...

LOL Blue - I'd have to go to Bora Bora to see!!!! Boracay is pretty nice although way more touristy than when we first went there back in 2002!