Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Park Run & Yoga

Before I went to Tasmania, the Myotherapist I see on a monthly basis to assist with keeping by running niggles under control suggested I take up yoga.  

While my ITB (which was causing the knee pain) seems to have recovered, the upper hamstrings in particular on the right side (same side as ITB) have been grumpy for the past few months.

I had noticed a little yoga studio just around the corner from my house & had actually grabbed a timetable earlier in the week that Brit suggested it.  Great minds think alike I say.  My gym (that I haven't been attending) also runs a Sunday morning yoga class which I did once before we went on holidays - I'm not overly fond of the instructor - but over summer the class is run outdoors overlooking the water.  I had made a start....

The new yoga studio however is lovely & I love the Tuesday/Friday instructor!  She's probably younger than me & a bit of a hippie chick.  The style of yoga is pretty vigorous & class goes for an hour which suits me perfectly & some of the head stuff she says has really resonated with me (sorry for the lack of eloquence in explaining that!).

I've been twice a week since I got back from leave & I feel it's been helping my tail bone & hammie issues.  Already my upper body is feeling stronger too; & my core.  It's a good thing.

I've also been to making it to park run on Saturday mornings!  Plumbing Boy mentioned last year that perhaps this year I could have a day or a half day off during the week so I've based my long run timetable on doing that on Thursday mornings & then coming into work when I'm ready.  This free's me up for Park Run!!  Park Run then doubles as my threshold training run & has a smallish hill in it so it's a win/win course.  BTW I forgot I wasn't supposed to be doing hill training til I got the all clear from the chiro.  Double Oops.

The week before lasts park run; and my time was the fastest it has been in I recon at least 12 months & certainly since I've had my new watch!

The week before's long run was entertaining.  I saw Jake & Elwood having a beer on a balcony so had to stop & take a picture!

The morning of last weeks long run dawned even hotter than forecast - it was 27 degrees C at home at 5am & the wind was a quite gusty.  I asked plumbing boy after standing out in the street for a few minutes testing out the conditions if he had any appointments on Friday morning in the view of switching my run to the following morning when it would be much cooler.  He was like Meh.  Which I took for what doesn't kill you makes you stronger & the weather's not likely to kill you LOL.

So off I trotted.  Had my sunglasses on to keep the flying particles out of my eyes, hydration pack on my back, some Xtend (fuel) in my pocket & off I set at 5.20am for a 20km run.  I had the wind at my back for the first 5kms then cross wind for the next 6; the balance was mainly against the wind & I felt like I was running in the spot in places!  

I was pretty slow, but that's OK considering the conditions.  I took a few walk breaks & stopped at the 3 drinking fountains along the route to drink in addition to drinking from my hydration pack.  While the Great Ocean Road Marathon (which I'm training for) will never be that hot on the day, it might be that windy so I'm glad I just got out there & did it.  Thanks for the tough love PB!  Afterwards he said to me "I knew you could do it!"

I really prefer running early in the morning, despite it being so hot.  Watching the sunrise is good for the soul & starting the day with a run is too I recon!

While last weeks Park Run was my fastest in ages, this week I was 10 seconds slower but came first in my age group!  I'll take that (last week I was second)!  There was a bit of rivalry in the last km between a guy & myself - we kept over taking each other, spurring each other on.  I was in front with 20 metres to go & again he was about to overtake me.  He came level with my shoulder & I yelled out to him COME ON!! SPRINT!!!!!  We both belted down the finishing chute to some applause at our efforts.  He quit 2 steps behind me at the finish line, but we gave each other the thumbs up & a bit smile.  This Park Run business is growing on me!


Blue Grumpster said...

A vigorous style of yoga... Is that a fact? Normal yoga is hard in my book, so a vigorous style of yoga is likely to make your blue friend run. Wait.... that's it! That's what would make me run....

So how come you kinda forgot that you weren't supposed to be doing hill training?

Now, as for watching a sunrise being good for the soul, I couldn't agree more. When I was really, really ill back in 2011 (as in I thought I was going to die), I woke up every morning to watch the sunrise.

Hope you're doing fine :)


Chris H said...

I tried yoga once... wasn't for me. I just felt like a twit!
Good on you for mixing it up and always being on the go.

roth phallyka said...

that's it! That's what would make me run....