Monday, February 6, 2017

Catch Up

Forgive me blogger for I have been a bad blogger of late.  Life seems to have gotten in the way, which isn't a bad thing.  I still compose posts in my head while I'm out running, but rarely find the time to actually post.

The end of 2017 passed without much fuss.  We had a fairly quiet Christmas which was held at my cousin's house this year although I still helped out with the cooking.  

New Years Plumbing Boy was on call as per usual & we stayed home.  I was actually still awake at midnight & heard some fire works go off, but didn't bother trying to see them & took myself off to bed (but this is what they might have looked like from my side of the bay).

PB & I took his Mum on a holiday to Tasmania mid January.  Actually, I flew over with a couple of girlfriends as we'd planned to run the Cadbury Half Marathon a couple of days before they came on the boat.  The run was good, not my fastest, not my slowest & I enjoyed it for the most part.  My legs were protesting a little by the 18th km & I was looking forward to the end!

I had a great time with the girls; we got to do all the things I missed out on last time (the only other time) I was in Hobart with PB.  We went to Mona (Museum of Old & New Art).  Highly recommended.  Everyone is given a head set & an ipod (type gadget); nothing is labelled & you hit the refresh button as you wander around to learn about the art that is near you.  Even if you don't particularly like modern art, I found the interviews & explanations of what & why really really interesting.  The piece below was my favourite visually.

We also went to the Salamanca Markets & generally took in the sights as we wandered the city.  In particular we loved St David's Park.  So much history in this city.  We spent the rest of our weekend on all things running.  Shopping the Stiegen sock sale at the running store where we collected our race packs was a daily activity.  With a buy 2 pairs get one free deal we ended up with 24 pairs of socks between us!  We also perused a few book shops & each bought a running related book (& I a few general reading). 

PB & his Mum collected me from the hotel in Hobart (they'd come over on the boat & brought the car) & proceeded to Bicheno on the East coast where another friend lives where we'd booked accommodation for a week.  We spent the week sleeping, reading, running (me), dirt biking (PB) & catching up with our friend & his family.

I flew home out of Launceston, but not before catching up with Mrs & Mr Wanna.B.Slimmer, a long time blog mate (who doesn't really blog any more).  Thanks again guys for meeting us half way!  We had coffee halfway between Bicheno & Launny, then Mrs & Mr Wanna took me to the airport via a cafe for lunch.  Was great to catch up but not long enough!  And we forgot to take a picture......

It was a lovely break although somewhat different than our usual type of holiday with a 92 year old in tow.  We had to slow down quite a bit & missed out on doing some of the more physical activities as the MIL just doesn't have the mobility.  She loved the boat trip over & the house we stayed in.  Photo's to follow when I find my camera cable.....

How was your January?

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