Friday, December 9, 2016

Love the Skin you're in

I'm pretty sure most of you would agree that as women, we are our own worse critic's.  I ran my final event for the year last Sunday & it took a while for me to decide whether or not to purchase any of the formal event pictures.  I am usually very supportive of other women/people & try to promote positive body imagery, yet when I saw the pictures the first thing I saw were negatives.

Instead of seeing air, OMG I GOT AIR!!! Or the smile on my face, all I saw was hips/thighs, the bit of a belly roll that has crept on of late & less firm arms than they were.  I really had to give myself a bit of a talking to: seriously - those hips & thighs have run 3 marathons.  Yes 3.  What bloody svelte model has run 3 marathons?? And if you do know of any, please don't tell me LOL.  Yes, I know I am pretty lean anyway, but I've been leaner, fitter & faster.

I am not barbie.  I don't want to be plastic.  I want to be real, authentic & I do want to love the skin I'm in.  Sure, I'd like to have my flatter belly back & my arms a little more toned & my hips/thighs a little smaller, but you know what; I could if I wanted to.  I could train 10 times harder than I do now, I could not each chocolate every day.  I could not drink wine, eat pizza etc etc.  But I also want to live & enjoy my life.

So.  Get on board people.  It's time to stop being so critical of yourself.  Sure, being a healthy weight is something we should all strive towards, but we also need to love ourselves no matter what & enjoy the life we have been given.  

Peace, Love & Dune Buggies my friends!!