Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Running

I decided to run 10kms last night as I'd missed the first run of the week due to Melbourne's current inclement weather.  Lately every run has been hard work.  I went out slow & my average pace was 5.55 mins per km but I did my first negative split in forever (that means I ran faster in the 2nd half than the first).  Lately I've been going out too fast despite being mindful of not doing that & fading in the second half.  

My mind was clear, my legs felt OK (not great, but OK will do for now) & the other thing was I didn't need to stop at the drinking fountains.  Lately I've been hanging out for every single one - the first one isn't even 1km in, the second at 4kms, the 3rd at 5kms (on this distance); I stop on the way back at them too.  When I first started running I used to run 21.1kms without any drink stops.  I have no explanation for that as I'm still eating & drinking the same amount as I have been for the past couple of years.  Well, maybe a little more chocolate & a little more wine on occasion LOL.

I spent a lot of my run thinking more about the bucket list & a few other drama's that are going on around me, but I also focused on how the wind felt on my face; the smell of the ocean; the beauty of the waves rolling into the beach; the 14 kite surfers at the beach.  I even got wet feet twice crossing the little ford - normally I'd have turned around & run back the way I came, but I really wanted to keep going in the direction I had chosen - it didn't look that deep, but was deep enough to soak my sneakers.  They were dry by the time I returned, but this time I just ran & splashed through with a smile on my face much to the amusement of the cyclist coming the other way.  I was a wilderness explorer!!!!  Something has shifted.  I hope this brings more good things & better & happier running!!!!

I'm standing on the footpath, but this is where the ford floods & my feet got wet!


Chris H said...

GO YOU! I would have run through the water too... IF I EVER RAN! lol *smiles*

AlleyCat said...

hehehe Thanks Chris!!!

Luna Jane said...

That looks pretty cool! Bucket lists are good! haha I've started writing one myself! And great job on the negative split! I don't know how you do it! Practice I'm guessing :P xx

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Luna! hahaha yes, practice!!! There are lots of things you can do that I would never be able to do no matter how much I practised!!!!