Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bucket List

I created a new page today.  Head on over & have a look.  There is a bit of a post about it there.  I plan on updating it now & again.  What's on your bucket list?


C said...

I love it! Looks like you are going to give your passport a massive work out. Sounds like a big world trip might be happening! Now you have dreamed it, you can start planning it!

I'm the same as you, most of mine is about travel, work/life balance and family. Not so many marathons for me... :)


AlleyCat said...

Hey C! Yes, would LOVE to take a year or more off & travel the world!!! Best I stop spending my $$ on running shoes & gear & start saving!!!

I've added a few mundane things, but things I would like to do - may as well put them on the bucket list rather than things to do lists LOL!!!

roth phallyka said...

Not so many marathons for me... :)