Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Running Update

I'm still running; the niggles are declining & I've been working my way back up to the half marathon distance.

I've joined the ranks of sleeves - arm & calf

I also joined Park Run & have been once so far.....

I have my first ever running toe nail injury!!  It doesn't hurt & I only found it because the polish split across the nail & then lifted so I chopped the loose bit off.

Spring has sprung in Melbourne & the weather has been bloody inclement, but hopefully will warm up soon!

I may have had a recent birthday & may have rewarded myself with some new limited edition NY Marathon sneakers!  I may have also gone for a birthday run & run my fastest 1km for probably this year!

By the time this is posted I will have run my first half marathon since the beginning of July which finishes on the hallowed turf of the MCG.  Recap to follow!


Chris H said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Love the sneakers, and what is a sleeve like that for?

AlleyCat said...

Thanks & Thanks Chris!!!

Arm sleeves can either keep your arms a bit warm while allowing you to keep cool under your armpits &/or keep the sun off.

Calf sleeves on the other hand are compression & supposed to help with blood flow & therefore endurance while running - some people find they help with calf & Achilles injuries. They have compression socks also which can help with DVT amongst other things while flying!

Blue Grumpster said...

You.. may have had a recent birthday? Happy belated birthday!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Blue!!!!!

Luna Jane said...

omg! thats such a neat idea! Arm sleeves! Do they work well? :) they look pretty snazzy! Thats no good about your toe! I'm sure it is better by now hopefully! Xx

AlleyCat said...

hehe thanks Luna! I'm not totally sold on the sleeves, they do feel a bit odd. Time will tell I guess! Toe nail has almost grown back :-) X

roth phallyka said...

what is a sleeve like that for?