Friday, August 26, 2016


Recently we were extremely fortunate to be taken away on an almost all expenses paid holiday to celebrate Plumbing Boy's best mates 50th birthday in a beautiful part of the Australia.  It was truly an amazing experience & I dare say a once in a life time kind of extravagance.

We stayed in a resort with champagne on arrival with this view from the reception/dining/bar area.  

We had our own individual pavilion....

Complete with plunge pool & more champagne or arrival to our room (it's barely visible in front of the TV - which we didn't turn on for the week we were there despite 200+ in house movies on offer).

With our own day bed in the shade, lounges in the sun & a view like this, I'm not sure why they even have TV's!!!

Even at night the view is quite spectacular; 

& I did take advantage of the bath tub most days enjoying a pre dinner drink watching the sunset before we were required at our friends for canapes.

Our friends (birthday) D & D stayed in what was called the beach house & it had it's own fully contained bungalow, where the other couple J & J stayed.  

It was same pavilion TayTay stayed in on her recent trip!!  My niece was so excited to learn this being a massive TayTay fan exclaiming that D & D are SOOOOO lucky!!!

We felt like we were on the set of Master Chef most days with amazing food at every meal; & a degustation dinner one night:

This was the before we started the degustation menu snack (above).

I forgot to take a picture of the 4th course (the red mullet) as we were distracted by this little guy (and of course we also had freshly baked bread as an a accompaniment!)

There was wine to go with every course, most of them I liked.

Then another plate just for the birthday boy

And just because we needed more food, something else sweet to eat & the cutest little after dinner drink that I have no idea what it was but was around a 30ml shot, fruity & sour & right up my alley after all that rich food!

We spent half our time lazing about swimming, reading & snoozing. PB & I did a few walks & runs on our own - the others were less interested in physical activity - I was actually referred to as "sporty spice" on check in to our own private concierge by the others LOL.

We went sailing one day around the Whitsunday's & stopped off at Whitehaven beach for a swim & some champagne; some of us did some stand up paddle boarding & I may have had a bit of a run too - how often does one have the opportunity to go for a run on Whitehaven beach (it's only accessible by sea or air - the island is uninhabited)!!!!

It was humpback whale migration season & daily we saw whales lazing about in the passage between Hamilton & Whitsunday Islands

The resort had its own day spa with daily yoga - managed to make it 2 mornings!

We hung out with local wildlife down at the marina & enjoyed the local sites (& beverages)

But by far the highlight of the trip for 4 of us was this:

PB & I + the birthday boy & his other mate went out to Hardy Reef (part of the the Great Barrier Reef) on 2 helicopters, landed on a pontoon, were transferred to reef world by boat & went snorkling for a couple of hours!!!!  

I'd never been in a chopper before (that was the excitement for me!!!) - they were 4 seaters so 2 of us in each chopper with a pilot.  Just WOW.  I have a couple of movies I'll try to upload at a later date.

It was the most amazing trip & we are truly thankful for the generosity of our friends for inviting us along.  

A few more snaps of the resort (some for you C!)...... 

We were sad we had to leave; but very happy to have had the experience!  And to be honest I think we were both quite happy to come home to our ordinary life although the view & the weather would have been nice to bring home.



C said...


Just wow.

That is just as amazing as I thought it would be. I honestly don't know what the best part would be... It all looked amazing. That is a dream trip!

I'm glad you weren't too sad to come home. I'm sure a couple of furry friends were very happy to see you.

Thanks for sharing, it was really quite exciting. I hope I get there one day. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. You really deserve to be spoiled!!! :)

AlleyCat said...

Thanks C - I hope you get there one day too - the whole thing was just out of this world!!!!

Yes, the furry 4 leggeds were very pleased to see us :-) :-):-)


Carol said...

How wonderful, definitely something for the memory books. Oh how the other half live hey? I totally get you on the helicopter ride. They had joy flights here a number of years back and I got to go in one for the first time and he asked me where my house was so he could go over it. Wow, that was fantastic and seeing our town from the sky. Wonderful.