Tuesday, May 10, 2016


A while ago we had friends over for dinner.  Mother (M) & daughter (m) have recently taken up running increasing from 0kms to 5km & then to 10km fun runs all in their first year of running.  M's sister B is a half marathon runner, &  she & I both have been encouraging them (although B got them going to start with!).  The 4 of us are going to the gold coast to run our respective 21.1 & 10km distances as part of the Gold Coast Marathon event later this year.

After showing M & m around our new abode, M said to me, now, I promised m that I'd ask you if she could have a look at your running medals - would that be OK?

m had been a swimmer & a basketballer through primary school & early high school & had lots of winning medals & ribbons for these events (currently in year 11).  I was surprised anyone, especially m who'd already won so many finals & events would want to see my participation medals & said as much to M.  She exclaimed vehmently "No Cat - each & every one of these medals represent all the hard work you put in to complete each of these events!!!  You should be so proud of them!" 

She also said that she'd be buggered if she was going to pay to run a 5 or 10km event & not be given some bling to prove that she bloody well did it!!!

I guess the lesson for me is to appreciate that I have worked hard.  I have completed these distances & I should be proud of my hard work no matter the time (or if I had to walk for a bit).  

Santa gave me a couple of medal display hangers for Christmas so it's about time I took the medals off the rung on the coat rack hung them up properly to remind me how far I have come & to be proud of my achievements.  Plumbing Boy finally got around to doing that for me on the weekend.  Timely considering the Marathon is on Sunday!!!!  It's time draw on these achievements & take some pride in my hard work & get my head in the game!


Char said...

I love getting medals for that exact reason. They show commitment, determination and consistency. Your medal racks look fantastic. Mine is basically just a broom handle but when it gets enough medals on it you won't be able to see how crappy it really is.

You're doing Gold Coast half? Me too!

AlleyCat said...

Hey Char - we'll have to meet up @ the Gold Coast! You'll be running well ahead of me though :-)

Thank's re racks - I think I need a few more medals yet :-) I'm sure your broom handle looks fab!!!!

Carol said...

Damn straight. For someone (me) who was never any good at sports and in fact avoided sport like the plague, to now get a medal is the most amazing thing in the world. It's not just the run, the run is the victory lap. The medal is for all those cold mornings, blistered runs, painful knees, and yes the joy too. But to me, and some people pffft at it, but the bling is very important. It's such an achievement. I'd gladly pay extra for events to know that there'd be bling at the end. So your friend M is right. Too bad not all race organisers take it on board.

I'm planning GC for 2017. Good luck this year mate.

AlleyCat said...

I was terrible at sport too Carol - my mate & I used to fake injuries to get out of it! I was a weakling & very uncoordinated & last to be picked for anything!

I guess I was just surprised other people would be interested in them as I still don't see myself as very sporty or even good at my chosen sport LOL! I'm never going to win anything.

Very apt calling the race the victory lap, because it IS about all the effort you put in to toe the line on the day. I've taken pride & comfort in looking at them this week leading up to the GORM :-)