Friday, April 15, 2016

Distance Running

We were out for dinner recently for a friend of a friends birthday.  There were 30 odd people, quite a few of whom were recreational athletes.  Plumbing Boy & I got chatting to some people sitting near us, (Dad & Son) with Dad telling us his son is a distance runner & won some prize money last year.  Of course my ears perked up & I asked son about his running & distances & he proclaimed his long distance was 5kms.

I was somewhat perplexed at 5kms being classified as distance running............goes to show how much I really know (SFA)!  However after listening & research at home, it would seem that anything further than 3km is considered long distance!  Having not grown up in the athletic's world I had no idea!  

So all of you out there who can run further than 3kms you are a long distance runners!  

So I don't need to be running half marathons nor marathons to call myself a long distance runner??  

Hmmm.  Well, I since there is only 30 sleeps to go til Marathon number 3 I'd better keep up with the training.  

I have 32 - 34kms to run tomorrow & am hydrating like ninja.  This will be me for the rest of the day!!!


Carol said...

I guess it's relevant to the person. And I love that the dad must have been so justifiably proud of his son to tell you that. So did he asked you your longest distance, and then have to pick his jaw up off the floor? :-)

AlleyCat said...

No, I didn't tell my distance although PB might have LOL. Apparently we're a different breed altogether - I think he said oh, your a long distance runner - what's your pace LOL. Then he wanted to know my 5k 10k & half marathon pace; full marathon time & then told me I should be able to run my marathon in around 3.40hrs based on the other times. Should have kept my mouth shut!!!!!