Tuesday, April 19, 2016


A couple of weeks ago my Dad turned 70.  How the hell did that happen??

A high tea was held in honour of the milestone.  Dad only wanted a few immediate family members for a quiet gathering, but somehow almost 30 people were in attendance.  

Sorry about the bad lighting....

We would have invited more, but one has to abide by the birthday boys instructions to a degree!

There was off course more food than required or as Dad would say "than you can poke a stick at" & I was in a serious sugar coma for days post party!

Then we had a work birthday with more bloody cake!

One must have at least one piece to share in the celebrations, it's only polite after all!!

I did temper the birthday weekend with a run along the foreshore & out of town along Hopkins Point Road (because I couldn't remember if Logans Beach road dead ended - it did).  There was 1 good followed by several gentle rolling hills to climb; plus countryside complete with cows as well as coastline to look at.  The fresh air scented with pine & eucalyptus (as well as the dairy!) was heavenly & I witnessed a beautiful sunrise to boot.  

I also had to stop at the break water end of the beach to let a couple of race horses cross the path on their way to their daybreak beach work out - didn't want to scare them with my fluoro orange top (picture post run).

I love running in the country (sorry, no cow pictures Carol) & especially along the coast.  So much more to see & think about!!  

View from our accommodation below - PB's mum came with us & requires ambulant style amenities preferably next to her bedroom & while Mum & Dad's bathroom can accommodate, they had a full house & half their floor ripped up to be replaced so not conducive to a wheelie walker.

Sunday morning PB & I wandered up to Thunder Point while waiting for the rest of the sleeping beauties to arise.

Love love love the rugged coast line!  This little love came with us & had a sleep over at my aunt & uncles where the party was held as she couldn't stay in the accommodation with us.

She was very taken with her new holiday house complete with doggie door & multiple daily walks!!  The other love stayed home & guarded the house.

Lucky he cant work the taps yet, because this is his latest trick.

It was a great weekend, but I'm not so sure Dad is that keen to be 70.  He said his week started badly when walking into the milkbar earlier in the week someone held the door open for him & called him Pops!  Maybe it was the sling - he's just had carpel tunnel & dupuytrens contracture sliced & diced.

Happy Birthday Dad.  We'll start counting backwards from now on hey!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Distance Running

We were out for dinner recently for a friend of a friends birthday.  There were 30 odd people, quite a few of whom were recreational athletes.  Plumbing Boy & I got chatting to some people sitting near us, (Dad & Son) with Dad telling us his son is a distance runner & won some prize money last year.  Of course my ears perked up & I asked son about his running & distances & he proclaimed his long distance was 5kms.

I was somewhat perplexed at 5kms being classified as distance running............goes to show how much I really know (SFA)!  However after listening & research at home, it would seem that anything further than 3km is considered long distance!  Having not grown up in the athletic's world I had no idea!  

So all of you out there who can run further than 3kms you are a long distance runners!  

So I don't need to be running half marathons nor marathons to call myself a long distance runner??  

Hmmm.  Well, I since there is only 30 sleeps to go til Marathon number 3 I'd better keep up with the training.  

I have 32 - 34kms to run tomorrow & am hydrating like ninja.  This will be me for the rest of the day!!!