Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Drum Roll Please...................

Introducing Tux - also known as Mr Tuxedo, get off the table, get off the bench, stop scratching the couch, stop scratching the carpet, get out of it (whatever it is he's in) & don't bite!

First day at home above & yes, he does have a very very very fluffy tail that rarely stops swishing!!!

I know we last spoke about procuring one of Trixie's puppies when the time comes, but I decided in the end that I would still prefer a cat while I'm working full time & leave having a puppy until I'm home more.  

Anyone who knows me knows my first love is cats (as opposed to dogs - although I am sure Trixie thinks she's a cat anyway).  I barely have time to walk Trixie during the week so how on earth would I have time to train & spend time with a puppy?

I'd been looking periodically at pet rescue sites for the right cat & just before we went on holidays I saw this guy.  He's approximately 2 years 3 months & spent the his first 18 months of life on the street with the past 7 months in a foster home with his foster mum & her daughter & 2 dogs.

I went to visit him the weekend we got home from holidays & had talked plumbing boy into the adoption by Monday morning.  Paper work done, funds transferred & his foster Mum delivered him Sunday morning as they like to do a house inspection I guess to make sure they are not handing over a pet to a psycho!

We kept him confined for 2 days before introducing him to Trixie, mainly using the adoption program's guidelines which went well.  Trixie is jealous of Tux & any time I go to pat Tux, she barrels over & pushes in. Tux doesn't really stand still long enough for a pat so it's not that much of an issue.  

Trixie wags her tail when she's close to him, but he's not overly in love with her yet (although doesn't hiss or anything.  It will only be 3 weeks on Sunday.  No-one has chased anyone yet but they're not sleeping in the same bed together yet either.  

I have my yoga mat on the floor in front of the TV & if I get off that to do anything, one or the other is plonked on it when I get back.  And when I try to do my core work out, Tux stands behind my head rubbing up against it either swishing his tail in my face or trying to swipe my pony tail & Trix stands at my chest & tries to either lick my face or armpits while trying to climb onto my chest & sit on me.  My paparazzi have been too slow to snap a pic so far!!!

Tux is very good at opening doors & has manage to open the back door 3 times now & escape when I've left it 2mm not quite closed.  All 3 times I was able to grab him within a couple of minutes & put him back inside.  I'm desperate to get his collar on this weekend (1 failed attempt so far - he arrived without a collar) as I have a tag on it with my phone number on it.  He is micro chipped, but they don't transfer that over to me until the 6 week trial period is over.  And I don't have a council tag for him yet.  So if he get out proper & if anything happens..............

Anyhoo.  Here are some more pics.  I couldn't get a decent one of him with Trix - they don't stand still enough long enough!!!!

Someone may have gotten a little over confident on the first day & coped a slap in the face......(yes, he drew blood)!

And of course life is no longer complete without this little face...................she's looking like a woolly teddy bear right now!!


Char said...

Tux is a bit of a cutey. I'm kind of surprised that there's been no altercations between her and Trixie. It can sometimes get quite ugly when a new hierarchy is being formed.

AlleyCat said...

Tux ran at Trix & clapped his paws together about 5mm from Trixie's nose & then ran off on the weekend!

They were nose to nose saying good morning today & then wandered off to do their own thing. Trix is quite jealous though & pushes in any time Tux is likely to get a pat. She steals his food, but hasn't hassled him. I think if anything Tux would boss Trixie about!!

C said...

Oh he is so adorable, what a cutie! Those eyes are mesmerising.

I am sure Tux and Trix and just the lights of your life (except when you are being scratched!).

What a lovely little family you all make. :)

Blue Grumpster said...

Well, what do you know... you're a cat person too. Hello, Cat! What a hunk of love. He looks great.

Hey, how's life?

AlleyCat said...

LOL Thanks C!!! They do make me happy :-) :-) :-)

AlleyCat said...

Yes Blue - I love cats!!!! Life is busy!!!! You???

Carol said...

Sounds like you've done all the right things in introducing the two, Tux looks amazing, as of course does Trix. It's up to them now to work out the pecking order, and if Tux is higher on the pecking order when the dust settles so be it, they'll learn to live with it. Lucky would desperately love to play with Bo, but Lucky is too quick and it unsettles her. He's learnt to slow down when around the cat! And funny the psychology of animals since Molly has passed, Lucky and Bo (whilst never going to be curled up together buddies) have kind of reached a nice truce, I even saw them having a nose nuzzle the other day, I don't think I was meant to see! We too have been looking on the pet rescue site, got so close to one dog that I'd kind of fallen in love with (a small heeler) and after watching her for 3 weeks I emailed them and she was adopted the day before. So it wasn't meant to be. The right one will come to us all in good time.

AlleyCat said...

Nose nuzzles!!! Aww Lucky!!! When Trix came in this morning she came & said hello to me first (as usual) then Tux got a nuzzle, then she went & said good morning to plumbing boy. They've been getting more friendly each day. I looked for ages & had Tux & another guy Banjo that I loved - Banjo had been adopted by the time I emailed, so know what you mean about it not being meant to be - clearly Tux was the boy for us!!!! Cant wait for you to find yours!!!!!!!

Blue Grumpster said...

I've been busy, working too much and not taking care of my health. I know, shame on me. :)

AlleyCat said...

You need some kitty cat love Blue!