Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Catch Up

Tux has begun his introduction to the great out doors, supervised of course.....

I was supposed to have lots of visitors over Easter which was when Tux's 6 week indoor confinement was up, but decided to start letting him out a week early as it would have been horrible if one of my visitors accidentally let him out & he nicked off.  So far so good excepting last night whereby he spent the whole night out!!  My bad.  

He was ready to come inside last night & just about to walk in the front door with me when he turned his head & spotted another cat on the road.  Off he took, had a slight mexican stand off with said kitty who hissed at Tux & Tux just looked at him & said whatever.  He walked back with me towards the house (I thought to come home) & then did a runner into next doors garden at the last minute!  

This was all after he'd gotten a fright from the neighbours kids who were playing basketball in their own back yard but the ball hit the paling fence between us pretty hard & a paling fell down on our side scaring Tux so much he jumped up the fence & onto the roof of the house!  

He went right up over the top of the roof to the front of the house...........Mr Fearless.  I had a very restless night listening out for him & was very happy to see him run in the back door when I called him at 5am this morning, despite being cross he hadn't come home!!!!  I've already told him he's not allowed out again until he's 21!!!

How adorable is Trix in her new flannie!!!!  I just couldn't help myself.  She almost got a cable knit sweater as well but couldn't justify the expenditure LOL.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a music festival down the coast.  There was music of course & plenty of food & merriment!  It took me a week to recover.  

local band Dalriada

Leftovers for Lunch 

Archie Roach - a national treasure

Steve Earle (above & below) with band

It took me a week to recover as I ended up with a bout of sinusitis.  This is not conducive to running.  I managed the 25 scheduled the Saturday afterwards but didn't do either of the shorter runs scheduled. I'd recovered enough & felt my mojo returning Wednesday night & had a beautiful outdoor run along the Maribyrnong river, part trail part path, complete with hills.  I only had 7 scheduled but decided to run 10 to make up a bit from the week before.

I have 30kms to run this Saturday.  I really only have 2 more super long runs after this before the Marathon, so while it's still 6 weeks away the end is nigh!  I'm trying not to think too hard about it & I'm taking away all time goals for the rest of the year to help make my running a little more fun too.  My only real goal for the GORM is to complete it: hopefully without injury, to run the whole way (not stop for injury) & to have fun (enjoy the view!) & maybe spot another Koala!!


Char said...

One of my running friends is going down to run GOR. He's also training for a crazy-stupid long charity bike ride so he's doing long runs and long rides every weekend. I just listen to his distances and feel exhausted.

AlleyCat said...

LOL I can't get my head around training for more than a marathon at one time! Hats off to your friend! And all those ultra/iron man/Triathlete types out there!!!!

Blue Grumpster said...

What... a slight mexican stand off? That's so funny. And he didn't care either? That's one cool dog.

Well, now... somebody has been having a lot of fun if it took you an entire week to recover. Good to hear you're back in the run of things though. A 30-km run... say it ain't so! Now, excuse me while I go and take a nap. It has been a hectic week.


AlleyCat said...

I needed a lot of naps that week Blue!!!!

Carol said...

Trix looks gorgeous in the tartan, perfect. As for Tux, kitties do have a mind of their own don't they. How has the knee been, hope the training is going well mate.

Blue Grumpster said...

A couple of naps a day... keep the Doc away ;)

AlleyCat said...

I could definitely use a couple of naps a day!

I guess it's a bit different when it's a necessary part of functioning as opposed to a treat. You take as many naps as you need Blue!!