Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Yeah, I've been slack blogger!!!  Been away on holiday for a couple of weeks & now playing catch up.  In the interim, here's me & miss Tongue out Tuesday last week while we were away, pretending to be wilderness explorers.  

Hopefully I'll catch up with you all by weeks end! 


Blue Grumpster said...

A couple of weeks????

Well, good for you! Did you have fun?

AlleyCat said...

yeah - had 2 weeks off work. Well, let's make that out of the office. Still on phone duty first 4 days & last 2 so that was 8 days without having to talk to a customer! Still had to check my email week days.

Yes Blue - I had fun!!!!!!!

Blue Grumpster said...

Two weeks off... How about that? Lots of emails but you still had lots of fun. Good to hear :)