Thursday, January 7, 2016

Catch up in Pictures

Christmas & New Years has been & gone leaving me wondering what I've done with my time!!  I had my parents stay from Xmas eve til Jan 2nd, so most of it was taken up with them & other family gatherings + trying to get stuff done around the house & attempting to keep up with my training.  

Something had to give & it was indeed some training. Distance ran in total 2015 was less than 2014 (declined October, November & December!!).  I guess moving house & our new living arrangements was bound to take some adjusting to.  

But onwards & upwards for 2016.  I've just started a 20 week training program leading to the Great Ocean Road Marathon, with the aim to run the whole bloody way this year (no stopping for a sook or a walk - although I'd still take a quick hug at the 39km mark from Plumbing Boy!!) which should ensure a better time than 2015.

Here is a bit of what I've been up to over the past few weeks in pictures.

Preparing for & installing a raised veggie bed:

And removing the spoil & other rubbish.  Preparing for the hot house installation & watching stuff grow.

Trixie love.  She is such a delight & makes me happy every single day.  Although not as much this week & the next week & possibly the week after - she's on heat LOL!  There is a little cleaning up to do when I let her inside & the poor baby has to sleep outside (in her basket) til that is over; & of course I can't really walk her.  Lucky our living area is all tiles.  Next time she's on heat I have to take her back to the breeder for mating as she will have one last litter before she is ours permanently.  We will get her spayed after that litter.  Now.  I wonder if we can talk the boss into a puppy between now & then!!!!!

Lots of eating & drinking:

And some running.  I ran both Christmas Day & New Years Day.  I've run Christmas morning as a gift to myself before things get too hectic for the past few years & plan on keeping up that tradition!  I saw a tiger snake Christmas morning - some lovely walkers let me know it was on the path up ahead.  My niece & I saw another (+ a blue tongue lizard) while walking Trixie on New Years Day.  And I saw my 3rd on Saturday after a lovely cyclist stopped to let me know there was one up ahead.  Slightly disconcerting & buggers up my time while I wait for them to slowly slither off, but, better slow than bitten!!!

I hope you & yours enjoyed seeing in the new year or sleeping it in as was our case & that 2016 brings you peace, joy, health & love.  Cheers!


Char said...

You HAVE to get one of Trixie's puppies. Tell your husband that I said so. Two are just as easy as one. And honestly even a third doesn't make that much of a difference. The more doggy love to go around the better.

C said...

I agree that you must get one of Trixie's pups! Keep working on PB, hopefully you'll convince him... Surely there are ways... ;)

That last picture of you and Trixie's is so beautiful. Makes me smile, two gorgeous girls!

Happy New Year! :)


AlleyCat said...

LOL Thanks Char!! I'm going to start a puppy savings jar so he can see it every day!!! I do think we NEED a puppy!!! :-)

AlleyCat said...

Thanks C! I'll be doing my best to convince him..........wink wink!!!

Happy new year lovely. we must catch up soon!!!

Chris H said...

Love the raised garden bed, and the garden on a whole! you are doing a great job.
I hate when my dog is in heat, so sad I have to lock her out of the house. Carpet and dogs on heat don't mix.
Love all the photos.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris! I know how you feel locking them out of the house!!!! Those sad eyes looking in...................:-( :-( :-(

Carol said...

Oh so much to comment on. Hey of course something had to give, you moved a whole house! Love the veggie garden, I can see the benefits completely of a raised one. We have had to fence ours with chicken wire so Lucky can't get to it. Mike has made it cat proof too - the chicken wire is way too hard to climb up for a cat he's discovered - it was either that or flood lights and an alarm for the poor unsuspecting kitty! tee hee.

Can't wait for GOR, I've entered the half this year, eeeeek! It will be my longest run ever, and I can tell you now there WILL be some walking! I'm really looking forward to it.

And as for Trixie, I can see how much you love her, a home is complete with a love like that.

Blue Grumpster said...

The Great Ocean Road Marathon... Dare I even ask? When you say, "Some running", you mean a whole lot of it, right?


Great pics. Great garden job too. You HAVE been busy, all right.

AlleyCat said...

Um yes Blue. That will be 44kms in a row along the great ocean road - official marathon distance of 42.2kms plus a little bit extra, just because they can!!

Cutest Pooch in the world.

Yes. Busy. Any idea about rose gardening??? Next job. They need some attention!!!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Carol!!! Yes, the raised bed is great! Now we just have to convince the MIL to use the potting table we've set up for her so she doesn't have to bend down!!! That woman loves to cripple herself LOL. I guess old habits die hard.

Yup, I do loves my Trixie Boo!!!!! Wonder how she'll cope with the Cat that is soon to arrive!!!!!!

GORM - you will so rock that. It is so beautiful you wont notice the extra distance & the last few kms there are heaps of kids with signs & people to cheer you on!!!! Although I don't know how the landscape will have changed from the recent fires :-(