Monday, November 16, 2015

Trixie Boo Boo Boo

 OK. So not have I only been busy packing up & moving my 92 year old mother in law; packing up & moving our stuff; moving us all in together (us in the house & her in the granny flat); establishing new routines for us & her; re-engaging all her seniors entitlements & establishing seniors activities; shipping us all off to far north Queensland for a 6 night holiday (including hire car, hire wheelie walker, wheel chairs at airports etc etc etc & making sure everyone has an enjoyable holiday).  I've also been a tad preoccupied with a new addition to our family!!!

Meet Trixie.  Or Trixie Boo as I'm likely to call her (along with cheeky chops & poochie magoochie).  This is her in the car on the day I collected her.

She is sort of a rescue dog - she is a miniature schnauzer, retiring from breeding aged 4 & needing a forever home!  We have to return her for 1 more litter in the next 12 months - she'd be away for a week at the time of mating & then 5 weeks at the time of whelping & weaning her puppies.  She  had 9 in her last litter!!!!  After that she is all ours!!

Here she is meeting my MIL.  She's been with us for 2 weeks today.

She was clipped 2 days before I picked her up so her coat is a little bare.  

In her new bed which she has taken to without hesitation, although would still prefer to be on the couch with us!

I came home from work one day & both my teddy bears were on the outside table!  MIL had been our house trying to use the dryer & Ms Trixie Boo was left unattended.  She stole my bears off our bed & took them for a walk outside!!! 

I've donated little bear to her which she uses as a pillow!!!

After her first walk - see, she's smiling!!!

She hasn't had any formal training at all - doesn't know sit, walk, wait or even down!  But she is learning.  She is such a placid good natured dog, that after a week it felt like she'd been with us for ever.  

My parents were up last weekend & even Dad who doesn't really like pets was impressed with how well behaved she is considering her formal lack of training & how quickly she learned that if she wanted him to pat her, not to jump up on him.  Mum fell in love with her & wants one too - good luck with that.

So please excuse my slackness with blogging!  I've got a pooch to play with/feed/walk/wash!!!!!


Char said...

She looks like a sweetie. I'm impressed that your donated teddy is still intact. Ricky has a tendency to chew out the eyes and suck out the brains of any stuffed toy he can lay his teeth into. I think he doesn't like them looking at him. Or thinking about him.

Chris H said...

Awww she's gorgeous. I'm surprised she only has to be with her future pups for 5 weeks! But that is really none of my business... I hope all continues to go well with her... and you guys get many, many years of joy with her.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Char. Ricky sounds like a very entertaining pooch!!! Eyeballs were still in tact as of this morning LOL!!!!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris! Yes, I didn't think it was very long to have will her babies but I don't know anything about baby anythings! I do recall the phrase 5 weeks or so...........maybe they were worried I wouldn't want her if I had to give her back for too long!!!!

Blue Grumpster said...

Hello, Trixie! Now, that's what I call a happy dog!

Carol said...

I've loved the pics of Trixie on FB. Was that her name previous or just what she is being called now that she's with you and her forever home? It's funny seeing a girl dog with such a moustache, I love it. A house is truly a home with a dog, I truly believe that.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Carol! Trixie was the name she came with & @ 4 years old figured it was too late to change. I've added on the Boo Boo Boo's. It was one of my dear old cats nicknames - little boo boo......

OMG I've been looking at rescue bloody. adorable!!!!!!!!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Blue. She is a happy camper!!!