Friday, November 27, 2015

Dying Happy

There have been times in my life where I've said to those who were with me “if I died tonight, I’d die happy”!!!  

Most of them have been after seeing a musical artist.  Like The Waifs with my sister; Kasey Chambers, again with my sister & niece; Ben Harper (solo) with Plumbing Boy; Glen Hansard with my mate K; Archie Roache with my Aunt, & just last week Mumford & Sons (with my mate K).  These are the gigs that spring to mind immediately. 

I am sure that there have been moments with family & loved ones that may have elicited a similar response, but nothing stirs my heart & soul like music!!!

My day is filled with listening to music - while working; while driving in my car, while running &/or working out & on the weekends at home while doing stuff.  I rarely live in silence!  

For as long as I can remember there has been music in my life.  My Dad used to play his guitar each night & sing my sister & I to sleep from as young as I can remember.  Lullabies earlier, then English/Irish folk music (think Bob Dylan, blowing in the wind; Clancy Brothers, the wild colonial boy; The Furys, Belfast Mill) as well as contemporary Aussie music (from the time – think the Seekers – Morningtown ride!)

I learned piano & guitar in primary school; continued with piano into high school, had a few singing lessons, sang with my Dad in local concerts; sang at church, sang at youth group, around a camp fire (yes I know all the words to Kumbya) sang in the car with the family.  

Singing in public stopped after I left school & these days it’s mainly in the car.  Although since we've moved into the new house, my piano has been dusted off & I'm attempting to remember how to play (which of course means singing along).  

There are so many amazing artists out there, who have such a way with words that have a profound effect on me.  Sometimes the hair on my arms stand up, sometimes I am moved to tears.  Sometimes I feel pure unadulterated joy & my heart soars!

So.  Who floats your musical boat???


Char said...

I know exactly where you're coming from. Music does the same for me. To the point where one day I burst into tears when a song came on my MP3 while I was running. Do you know how hard it is to run when you're crying? I have such an eclectic mix on the soundtrack to my life. I couldn't tell you a favourite artist or song because there are just too many.

Carol said...

Isn't that funny, because I'm the opposite. I could be in the house on my own all day in silence and it wouldn't bother me. In fact my last few really long runs were run without music and I thoroughly enjoyed them. But then of course there's different horses for different courses. Sometimes the universe has a way to doing some strange things. I was running one day up near the mount and I was passing a house where a dear old couple we knew, he had recently died, it was the first time I'd run up there for ages. Just as I passed his house 'Loch Lomond' came on my music. He was Scottish. Gave me shivers.

Saw a recap of winners of the Arias on telly this morning and 95% of them I had never heard of them! ha. Shows I listen to talkback radio a lot huh? ;-)

AlleyCat said...

Oooh you just gave me a shiver with your Loch Lomond story Carol!!! I'm running the twilight to Torquay on Saturday night with a friend (who is much faster than me) -

first trail
first twilight
first with another person (we're running together so if we get lost we'll have each other)
first at that distance without music (I think I've only done 5 with out tunes)

Wish me luck!!!!!!

You've gotta listen to some Courtney Barnett - she writes killer lyrics!!!!

AlleyCat said...

LOL Char - yes, I've run while crying before. The snot factor isn't pretty!!!!

I have a fairly eclectic taste too, but tend to obsess over an artist or 3 at a time & then move on to something different. Sometimes I just play the same tune over & over & over!!!!

:-) :-) :-)

C said...

I am similar to Carol, I have a real affinity with silence. Though when I do listen to music I always say, why don't I do this more often? I do find it very inspiring and stirring.

I actually have tix for Kasey Chambers and the Waifs next year, very much looking forward to the shows. I've seen the waifs a number of times and love them, but I've never seen Kasey Chambers. :)


AlleyCat said...

Hey C! Maybe I need to spend a bit of time in silence to still my busy head!! I've taken to using an app to help me get to sleep even - gives me something to focus on rather than thoughts - currently using a waves crashing on the beach sound!!!

Sounds like you are off to the Zoo twilights! We are away for the Waif's gig otherwise I would have seen you there!!!!! I'm sure you will love both gigs :-)