Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Catch Up

It feels like I've been playing catch up for weeks here & this is why!!!

Yes, we've moved.  From living within 2 minutes of my office, I how have a 20 minute drive each way & today I forgot to bring my lunch!!!  Lucky for me I bought a whole weeks worth of food for Plumbing Boy with me yesterday, because he never knows what he wants in advance, so I didn't have what I'd planned, but had something that wasn't out of a tin!  

Not only did we have to pack up & move the majority of our belongings accumulated in the one place since 2001; we've moved with my MIL & had to pack up her place which she'd been in 65 - 70 years!!!!  She bought her first home with her Mother in her 20's (is turning 91 in a couple of weeks) & has been there ever since & there was a life time + husband + 2 kids worth of accumulation.

The new place has a 3 bedroom house + a self contained studio apartment at the rear.  MIL had sold her house to downsize & is very happy in her studio.  She fends for herself for breakfast & lunch & eats with us at night, so it's a win win situation for all.  We are still getting used to the new routine & I'm sure there will be a few bumps in the road, but overall its working out very well.

PB was only out of plaster for a week by the time moving day arrived & I was already having a melt down realizing I was the strongest member of the moving team!!  My parents + sister & family were interstate, as was PB's best mate so we took up the offer of my aunt & uncle (T & C)+ another one of my aunts (J) to help with the unpacking.  Thankfully PB agreed to let his Mum's moving truck come to us first & pick up the 4 heaviest items which included my piano!!!  Plus the fridge, freezer & washing machine.

I loaded an empty van with boxes Wednesday night ready for Thursday & T & C met us at the new place Thursday afternoon had it fully unpacked while we unloaded it, before heading home for dinner (which they had bought with them!).  

Friday was a public holiday in Melbourne, but the movers were working & arrived on time to pick up said heavy items.  PB went to collect his Mum while T & C & I headed over to the new house with another fully laden van & car to meet the movers.

T & C continued to clean & unpack the house & when J arrived, she got started on the studio, while I helped unload & direct the moving blokes.  They were a scream - Nick, Kev & Ang - cracking jokes & making me have a heart attack that fridges previously measured were not going to fit into their spaces - all a carefully orchestrated routine for their amusement they told me in the end!

Our first non helper visitor arrived around 10am, bounding through the front door!

 I shooed him out figuring his family must have been out in the street as he seemed familiar with our house, but this was not the case.  Remembering seeing a similar size/color dog in the neighbours yard, I knocked on their front door, but no one home.  I fetched him a bowl of water & shut him down the side of our place, in the interim.  

We were still unloading the truck on their return, I introduced myself & let them know I was holding their dog hostage!  The laughed & said they didn't think it was theirs & sure enough it was the same dog they'd seen roaming the street on their departure!  They took him in though, citing we had enough to do & called the council to track down the owners who came & collected mr run away puppy later that afternoon after happily playing with our new neighbours golden retriever!

Finally the last of the truck was unloaded including my piano!!!  It survived the trip & was no more out of tune than the last trip from the farm to Melbourne, although T did have to un-stick middle C for me.  

At this point we all decided we wanted to sleep in the new house, so PB, T & I went back to ours to pick up the beds & any other furniture we could fit in the van & ute leaving the others on cleaning/unpacking duty.  Everything bar the base to our bed made the trip - the base was too big to fit in anything & is still where it was left, awaiting a roof rack & 2 blokes to lift & tie it on.

We had a candle light dinner of left overs outside under the pergola after setting up beds for all (including a temporary single bed for MIL who's new bed was arriving Saturday) & crawled into bed feeling very happy with all we'd achieved.

After enjoying some breakfast outside, Saturday consisted of more unpacking, cleaning & laundry.   Plus setting up MIL's new bed.

Sunday T & C went home leaving us to move another load of bits & pieces & prepare for the work week ahead.  

The work week went by in a blur of trying to remember food & gym gear & dressing appropriately for the weather - no nicking home for a jumper or anything else required!!!  The weekend arrived in the blink of an eye.  We had a couple of my mates over for dinner on Friday night.  And PB took me to the centre of the universe for dinner Saturday night to celebrate my birthday!

It was lovely & warm when we arrived, but the change came through between entree & main & we were treated to a lightening storm on the way home!

Forgot to take pics of entree & main, but this is the sticky date pudding MIL had; mine was the chocolate fondant below.  PB for a change skipped desert altogether!

So.  Here we are.  Another busy week ahead with me being bridesmaid on Saturday & preparing for nails & hair & all things panel beating as my sister would say; then the following weekend a quick trip to Port Douglas to visit my cuz.  I can barely keep up myself!

Hope you are all having some fun out there & I wish all of the competitors running events in Melbourne on Sunday - Marathon, Half or Other - all the very best!!!  I wish I was running the Marathon, but am honoured to be in one of my bestie's wedding party so will just have to wait until next year.  

Run like Joel Selwood, Or Hugh Jackman, or Scarlet Johansson is waiting for you at the finish line........with a PUPPY...........or a PINT or a MAGNUM OF CHAMPAGNE!!!!!


Chris H said...

Reading all that just makes me wish I was that busy moving! Sounds like your move went pretty smoothly, lucky Tart. How about sharing some photos of the new home? 20 minutes commute isn't too bad ... poor Stew's commute is now an hour and a half each way, and on Tuesday it's almost 2 and a half. Poor bugger.

Carol said...

I'm so excited for you with the move, you'll not know yourself with space. Hey I travel 100km round trip to my job, no wonder I'm tired! haha

There will be other marathons my friend, but your bestie's wedding party opportunity is a oncer, so have the best time and, well, you know there'll be one or 100 pics on my FB by Sunday evening! tee hee

Char said...

Reading this was a reminder of why I am never moving house. EVER! So much work!!! I'm glad you've survived it. Enjoy your stint as a bridesmaid.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris - pictures soon!!!

Carol - oh man 100kms round trip is not fun, but I guess not so much traffic?? I'd probably need to pull over for a nanna nap! Yes, cant wait for all the pic fom Sunday!! Good Luck & Ill see you at the City to Sea!!!

Thanks Char - look forward to your write up & pics from Sunday too!! Good Luck!!!!!

Blue Grumpster said...

Hey, you've moved! That's wonderful. A 20-minute drive isn't so bad. Speaking of a win-win situation, I wish me and my entire family could live on a ranch together, but there's always this one, say, minor little problem: money money money.

Well, well... you play the piano? That's great (except when you need to move it from A to B). Good thing it survived the trip.

Non helper visitors.... I can't say I've ever been one of those... Oh you're talking about a dog hahaha I thought a nosy new neighbor.

A candle light dinner... How romantic! Our cats love candles a bit too much so it has been a while for me. Candle light dinners I mean. ;)

Hey, happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are now officially 30. Yes?

Now, where's that Magnum?

AlleyCat said...

Hey Blue! Yes, we moved. I know what you mean - if we all had a few more bucks we could go live on Bora Bora!!!!!!

I'm very very out of practice on the Piano! My sight reading has fled the building (or should I say brain) & I have to keep counting the notes up or down from Middle C when I cant hit the note by ear!!!

Ahem - yes 30! And thanks for the birthday wishes!!! There has been plenty of bubbles consumed over the past few weeks - with moving to a new home, birthdays & a wedding last weekend!!!

I love candles - my cat was never interested so it wasn't a problem :-)

Blue Grumpster said...

Plenty of bubbles! Bottoms up!

Blue Grumpster said...

Don't tell me you have run out of bubbles! :)

Blue Grumpster said...

Just stopping by to say.... hi!

AlleyCat said...

Hi Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Grumpster said...