Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sandy Point Half Marathon & a PB

I hadn't planned on running the Sandy Point Half Marathon, but a friend who lives that way who is newish to running events talked me into it  encouraged me to do it with her.

We ended up having a hectic day prior with a celebratory lunch with my aunt & uncle (& cousin's) who've just sold their house.  Plumbing Boy had to collect his Mum from the other side of town while I got a few chores done.  Next we had to pick up some furniture & drop it off in a friends garage, then back over the other side of town to drop of the MIL & then head to friends around the corner for our god daughters 20th birthday dinner.  

It wasn't the kind of day I would normally plan leading up to an event - despite having run quite a few half marathon events now I still get quite nervous & anxious if things aren't well organised.  That day was what you would call organised chaos!  Plus we didn't get home til 11.00pm & we had a 5.30am alarm to get up to!

Had arranged to pick up running friend at 7.50am - who wasn't ready.  Her hubby & their 3 kids + another friend had planned on walking/running the 5km, but hubby was out injured with a bad back, so was to hang out with PB holding the excess clothes.  BTW, plaster cast comes off in 4 weeks, no plates or pins required after seeing the specialist, but cant get back on his dirt bike until 12 weeks from date of break.

I had to go out to the car & wait with PB & do some deep breathing as friends decided now we'd all go together & things were somewhat frantic inside getting kids dressed & shoes on.  I hate being late & when running an event, NEED to be there at least 30 minutes before the start!  So yes, I was a bundle of anxiety.  It wasn't pleasant.

We made it to the event with 10 minutes to spare.  A friend of a friend was also running the event & spotted me as we arrived so had a quick chat with her, which was lovely & calming!!!  The sun was out, the sky was blue, the breeze light.  Ditched my jumper with a couple of minutes to spare as we headed to the starting chute.  

Running friend is a little faster than me so we started out together, but I told her to take off & run her own race!  I'm not one for chatting while running anyway - apart from the fact it's hard!!!  I prefer to listen to my music.  First km was a little fast & I had to slow myself down as I'd have run out of legs at that pace (5.15).  Settled into the run & found myself running faster than I thought I should, & several times had to slow the pace just a little.  A pace of 5 minutes 30 seconds per km would have given me a PB, so was aiming for just under that.

Spotted running friend & friend of friend between the 9 & 10km markers heading back - they were about a km or so ahead of me as expected.  We yelled out to each other with a wave & a smile & continued our respective runs.  It was pretty much at this point that I conceded believed I was in with a good chance of running a personal best!  So long as my knee held up I'd be OK.

I decided to wear my Kayano 20's on this run.  They had 550kms on them prior to the event.  I usually retire them from running at around the 600km mark & just wear them for gym or to work.  The Kayano's are a stability shoe for mild pronation.  The Nike Lunar Glides I wore for the marathon & the last half of marathon training are more of a neutral shoe & while I was fitted for them in store, it has more recently occurred to me that no amount of fitting in store will take into account body fatigue towards the end of a long run.

After a chat with my acupuncturist recently about ITB in my body & the order of muscle fatigue, it had me thinking about needing to wear the more stable shoe at distance & leave the neutral shoe for shorter distances & speed work.  So I decided to test the theory out & am happy to report NO KNEE PAIN AT ALL!!!! And a PB!!!!!!  I came in at 1 hour 53 mins & 35 seconds pace 5.22 (previous PB 1:56:11).

Powered the last 5kms home, reeling in a few runners who'd passed me earlier.  I'd line one up & decided that by the next km I would overtake them.  Definitely helps keep your mind busy!  There were a few runners who over took me too, but I was very happy with the strong finish including overtaking a guy in the finishing chute!  Heard PB & co cheer me over the finish line & also saw friend of friend immediately after & had a chat to her & her hubby & kids.  

I quite like the smaller events, although there is nothing quite like the Melbourne Marathon with people lining the streets & cheering you the whole way!  There were still a few kids out giving high fives at this event & I made an effort to oblige all!  Including cheering on some of the volunteers who were giving runners a cheer & clap on the way past.

Spent the afternoon with our friends having a BBQ & celebrating PB's all round with a few glasses of bubbles!  Missed out on soaking in the tub Sunday night & was quite stiff on Monday.  My legs still haven't recovered I don't think!  Saturday was a HARD 14kms with legs protesting every step of the way & SLOW (we shall call it an Everest run Carol!!)!!!!

Taper is now on for the Warrnambool Athletic's Half Marathon in a couple of weeks.  Not sure I'll be able to pull off another PB, but have rewarded myself with new shoes (Kayno 21's).


Chris H said...

Well done on a personal best!
And you started that run all stressed and frustrated, just goes to show you can do well even if you are not there early and super prepared.

AlleyCat said...

LOL thanks Chris!!!!

Char said...

Go you!! Almost three minutes is a huge PB. It's good you've sorted out your ITB issues. I'm working really hard to try and stop a repeat of mine in the Melbourne marathon.

Blue Grumpster said...

Look at you!!! You look grrrrrreat! And well done. You know I couldn't possibly do that. Ever.

Have a wonderful weekend.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Char! I hope you get yours sorted before Melb! I wanted to do that Marathon too - but am in a wedding party that weekend!!!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks brother Blue!!!

Hmmmm you never know until you try!! I only started running 4 ish years ago :D

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!!!!

Blue Grumpster said...

Well, I used to be a fairly good runner myself, but that was befor I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis back in 2011. Oh well, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy your achievements, because I can :))

AlleyCat said...

Well Brother Blue, that sucks!!! You can indeed enjoy my achievements & I'll take you with me on my runs! Best I get to work on my descriptive writing :D

Carol said...

I'm working backwards here! Fantastic race photos, don't think you'd ever take a bad one anyway.

AlleyCat said...

Carol - the Run Melb pics were so bad I didn't buy a single one!!!!!

Coco Girl said...

You're just amazing - awesome work on your PB xo

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Coco Girl!!!!!!!!!!