Friday, August 21, 2015

Broken Wing

We has a broken wing in the house.  Had to happen one day I suppose & could have been so much worse.  Plumbing boy came off his dirt bike on the weekend while I was doing very important stuff at the Melb Uni open day with my niece.

Luckily he was riding with mates who helped him get back on the bike (which he rode back to the car), followed him back, helped him get out of his armour/boots/riding gear etc & back into his normal clothes & put his bike back in the vehicle.  They advised him to head to the nearest country hospital about 20 minutes away, but to stop on the way for food & a paper as there is often a wait.

Said hospital didn't have staff available for Xray so he headed for Ballarat rather than back to Melbourne wanting to avoid our local hospital!!!  Tells me he drove 1 handed AND ate his sandwich on the way.  Must have been the adrenalin.  He finally let me know what had happened after he'd had an Xray to confirm he had indeed broken the radius at the base of the thumb.

Sent me text at 4pm with the above picture of his cast promising me he was right to drive himself home.  The irony I suppose for those who don't know is the vehicle he drives dirt biking..............

It's an ex ambulance & was well entertained telling people he arrived in it, while driving it!!!  And yes, it's an auto.  He had a fairly sleepless night Sunday & by noon Monday the adrenalin had completely worn off was starting to wish he'd gotten his script filled for some pain relief.  I sorted him out & after a decent sleep was back to his usual self.  He stopped wearing the sling today.

Convinced him to see a specialist in Melbourne who referred him for a CAT scan yesterday, then has a follow up appointment next week to review them & decide if pins & plates are required.  Otherwise I'll be duct taping plastic bags for the next 6 weeks.  He's already learned how to pull his sock on by himself.  Not so good with buttons LOL.  Luckily he's right handed & it's his left he broke.

In other news,  well, there is not much of it!!!  Still running, but gym has taken a back seat this week as my work load has increased somewhat looking after the broken winged boy.  I'm running the Sandy Point half marathon on Sunday & have the Warrnambool Athletic's half coming up in September.  It's all systems go!  Then it will be packing & moving. Yikes!!!!!


Chris H said...

Ouch, that will take a while to mend. My son broke his wrist a while ago and it took quite a big operation to fix it.
Good luck with the move... lucky tart.

Carol said...

Oh no broken wing indeed, hope he mends quickly. Good luck for the Sandy Point half marathon, that's this Sunday I take it? And can't wait for you to come down to Warrnambool. The Aths Club is just the most lovely club to be part of. Good luck moving too, great chance for a big clean out. HOw fun to arrange everything how you want it too.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris. I have everything crossed for you!!!!!

Thanks Carol - yes, I am looking fwd to the W'bool run too - although feeling a tad sore today!!!!

Blue Grumpster said...

So he drove 1 handed AND ate his sandwich on the way? Unbelievable. He's a trooper, alright.

AlleyCat said...

LOL I guess you could say that Blue.

Alternately you could call him daft!!!! He could have driven 20 - 30 minutes back home & I could have driven him about getting his plaster instead of 1 hr in the other direction to a country hospital then having to drive the 1.30 hours back home after getting the xray & plaster!!!!! Bloody Hero!!!! LOL!!!!