Thursday, July 23, 2015


The contract has been signed & the deposit has been paid however the property is still listed as for sale on - do you think I should be worried?  The agent sent us a picture yesterday of the sold sticker on the board in front of the property so I'm hoping there will be no problems!!!! EDIT today it says under contract & the auction date is gone.  She's old, but has potential!!!

As per previous posts, Plumbing Boy & I are going to move into a house with his 90 year old Mum.  The place she's bought has a spacious granny flat with full kitchen facilities, lounge room, dining area & of course ensuite with a big walk in shower.  I think it will need new curtains, however she may like the lace ones currently adorning the windows - she's decided she will live in the granny flat & we will live in the main house which is in the inner west, 7 kms from the CBA, almost bayside (Newport). 

I don't think I'll rest easy until settlement on the 1st of October, so bare with me while I try not to think about it too much until then!! I am looking forward to a long hot summer of being outdoors & pottering about in the garden.  I want to grow some tomato's & basil.  And put in an apple tree :-)

Not much else to report.  Still traipsing back & fourth between here & the MIL's to take her to do various things; although she is quite capable when she wants to be - took herself off in a taxi on Sunday to go shopping for a new bed, which she's ordered, forgetting settlement isn't until October.

Still running & training.  Running a half marathon event on Sunday.  At least the weather forecast has removed hail from the description today, although still says snow above 600 metres.  I think I should be safe enough in the city to avoid snow.  Wish me luck - it's gonna be a chilly start!!!!


Char said...

Good luck for your half. Or maybe I should say have fun because luck really doesn't come into it when you've done the training. Sometimes fun doesn't really come into it either but we can pretend it will.

Which one are you running?

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Char - I ran in The Age Run Melbourne event - no PB but sub 2 hours so was happy enough & the wind & rain/hail abated & the sun even came out which made me very happy & much warmer :-)

Chris H said...

I hope you will be sharing photos of the new home! I hope to be doing the same thing by end of year...or sooner.