Friday, July 3, 2015


What's been happening fellow bloggers???  I've been rather busy myself.  Plumbing Boy's Mum has found herself living on her own unexpectedly at 90.  The family member who had been living with her & helping her for the past 3 years moved out 9 days ago with no notice; so we have been busy driving back & forth across town to help her out, keep her company & take her to her some appointments.  

She cant drive any more, but can catch a taxi to & from when required (although she does object to the expense LOL).  She is OK living on her own (got the OK from her Dr), & truthfully, she seems happier within herself than she has been in years!  I think her medication is finally right & she is enjoying having her house back to herself.  But there are limitations to her ability - if she wasn't so elderly she would be having both a hip & shoulder replacement.  She'd probably survive the surgery, but not the rehab afterwards, so her medical team just wont go there. So it's pain & limited ability management.  Changes are a coming;  but more on that next week.

Other than that, we had my niece stay last Friday night & after taking the MIL out for lunch Saturday & to do a little shopping, PB dropped us off in the city to have a wander around Spencer DFO before her Dad arrived to pick her up.  She shouted me afternoon tea - well, a cuppa & we shared these divine creations!!

I then headed to The Retreat Hotel in Brunswick where I met PB & 6 other friends for dinner.  Below is one of my mates from high school - hadn't seen him for maybe 8 months.  He, I and another friend kicked on after dinner staying to see the band & then danced up a storm for a couple of hours.  PB was dirt bike riding so went home shortly after dinner leaving us to it.  My calf muscles were killing me for 2 days afterwards.  No, I wasn't wearing heels - I was in sneakers.  But there was lots of jumping & bouncing up & down on the dance floor!!!!

Woke up starving the next morning (& may have had a slight headache).

 We got the fire back back up & running the weekend before last, then this week the biggest & favourite (because it's next to the couch) hydronic panel split open!!!  I was out for a change when it happened & PB had mopped up most of the mess by the time I got home.  The last 2 x panels split when I was home alone - both within 2 weeks of each other a couple of years ago!

We also had my aunt visit for a night & she had a car load of stuff she no longer needs.  But apparently I need a cherry piper for when I make cherry clafoutis ; a soup terrine; the jug apparently fits a 1 litre bottle of wine - my aunt said for when you have guests & you don't want them to see the label of your cheap red!  Decant it into the jug & all is well she said!!; you can never have too many power boards or napkins she said;  & a good book to read.  There was more, but I didn't photograph it :D

 And more clowning around on snapchat with my niece.  I need to spell check before sending as you will see.  Do you like my new reading glasses???

There was indeed a nutella donut found in the fridge - PB bought it back from a job - the client gave it to him.  I had half.  Not sure I'd pay for one, but the chocolate was good.  Apparently they are the latest thing here.........

I have started at a new gym & with a new PT.  My old PT who I'm still training with spasmodically (when he's free) has started a new non gym related job as he transitions to the next phase in his life (more about that much later when I can reveal) which leaves him with little time & only my goodself left as a PT client.

My old gym was a short term contract - basically ended when my PT moved on.  I have actually joined the gym where he trains, & it is fabulous!  It's medium sized & designed for athletes.  It's not too busy - haven't had to wait for any equipment or space; the members are all serious about bettering themselves as athletes - no meat heads, grunting & dropping weights all over the place; it's only a couple of years old so all the equipment is really new & is well maintained; it has very cool equipment; it has an altitude training room!!!  

I felt a bit intimidated in the beginning - I don't consider myself an athlete at all & thought I'd be out of place there, but after a week or so I'm feeling quite at home.  Everyone goes about their training respectfully of others & I'm starting to meet some of the regulars - getting a smile & a wave here & there.  And like I said, it's not super busy - maybe not so good for the business, but great for me as it means I'm more open to trying different things due to lack of said audience!

I've started with a PT there; first time with a chick PT.  She is professional, organised & focused.  I think she will be good for me.  Time will tell - everyone is on best behaviour to start with.  She also has an awesome physique herself - I want her buns!!!!!  & her upper body strength!!!!!! I watched her jump up & grab the handles on one of the machines & smash out 5 pull ups with no body swing at all while she was training last week!

I ran this morning - weather app said it was 3 degrees outside but "feels like 1.7" - the last pic is post run @ 5.30am today!!!  I was actually quite hot when I finished, but definitely needed all layers, gloves & beanie!!  It's gonna be a long winter.  Yes I know, could be worse, at least we don't have snow.  I much much much prefer the warmer weather!!!  I'd rather melt than freeze.  I think I'm gonna be one of those seniors who move north for the winter :-)


Carol said...

Pffft, don't consider yourself an athlete? I beg to differ. Hope the new gym is a good fit, it sounds like it will be - as opposed to meat heads and people who love to watch themselves in the mirror.

As for PB mum, how sudden. Is there any chance she can speak to her doctor to get a taxi card, so that her fares are half priced. They are fairly hard to get now, but if she has the backing of her doctor I would expect it would be no problems. My mum has one.

AlleyCat said...

LOL thanks Carol.

Yes, she does have the taxi card!! But still objects to paying - she was driving up until 12 months ago - it was very very difficult for her to give that up :-( :-( :-(