Monday, June 15, 2015


Thought I'd better do a quick update to let you know I'm still in the land of the living; although no internet for a whole week almost sent me to an early grave!!

So.  What's been happening since the marathon you ask? Well.  I had my niece visit who's hooked me up with snapchat, so there have been all sorts of dorky pictures flying back & forth between us, for example...

I'm still learning how to work it.  Our fire box (like an open fire but behind glass) broke last week - the baffle (a big metal plate) fell down on the inside rendering it useless. Plumbing Boy has replaced this before & when he went to measure it up found the back of the box had rust holes in it.  

So, despite being bloody cold all week, we could have also been allowing carbon monoxide into the room & the potential for sparks to have set the place on fire even more dire.  If you have this type of heating I urge you to have a good look inside when the fire is out & make sure the metal is sound!!!

There has been cooking:


(mini quiche's without pastry front; protein muffins rear)


My niece came to visit one weekend & I promised her we'd have a go at soufflĂ©'s as she'd tried once before at home without luck.  They turned out well, but sunk pretty quickly; according to the big name shown on TV at the moment too much egg white causes them to sink quickly due to lack of structural support.  Good to know!!!  Less egg white next time!!

And two work birthdays; good old sponge cake & today we had a raw vegan hazelnut cheese cake!  The birthday boy had been requesting nuttella cheese cake for ever, so I had a look at a healthier alternate making 12 x muffin sized ones instead of a whole cake.  There were exactly 2.5 pieces left at 9am (I ate my half piece earlier just in case they were ALL gone by smoko).   

The weekend my niece stayed we were lucky to be given a gift voucher for a 9 course Japanese dinner in the city....

The long weekend PB went dirt bike riding so I had the house to myself for a couple of days/nights & indulged myself a little; but really really missed my furball.

And after all that food (& drink) of course there has been running!!!  Not so far yet: ran 15km on the flat last weekend & tackled my first lot of hills with 10km this Saturday just gone.  Am hoping to run the half marathon distance next weekend (21.1km).

These were taken 2 weeks apart - but the weather was fab both days, despite it being a little chilly at the moment!! 

There as actually a frost this Saturday morning & I ran wearing my (insert cheap name supermarket) $3-00 snow gloves!!!!

And finally, my cousin sent this to me after finding it in some old photos.  I suspect I may have had a few wines judging by my rosy cheeks!!  This was taken maybe 17 years ago!!!!

Hope you all have a good week & if you are in Melbournetown, that you keep warm!!!!!  I'll be in my thermals at home awaiting the fire box repairs!!!!!!!


Chris H said...

What a neat post! Lots of lovely food to drool over. I hope the fireplace is fixed and keeping you warm again fast! I loath being cold.

Carol said...

Fun post, I don't understand Snapchat, I'm more an Instagram girl !! As for the baffle plate, I feel your pain, we had to get ours replaced last year I think it was. Dare I say I love the odd weekend when Mike goes camping and I get this place to myself. I can flitter away the weekend quite well on my own.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris & Carol!

The heater has been welded back together but the boss has decided we should purchase the correct baffle this time instead of making his own. Thankfully it hasn't been quite as cold this week so haven't been freezing my bits off as much LOL!!!!!

Blue Grumpster said...

A 9 course Japanese dinner... NINE?

Blue Grumpster said...

But really.... 9?

AlleyCat said...

Yes Blue - 9
Some ball things with octopus in them (cant remember what it was called & is no longer on their menu - not surprising, it was my least fave)
Miso Soup
Wafu Steak
Chicken Curry
??? cant remember, something in Japanese Fruits!!!
Red Bean jelly desert