Friday, May 15, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 20/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 20: 11/5 - 17/5

Run 1: Tuesday PM 10kms normal pace - pace approx 5.23
Run 2: Thursday AM 5km fast - pace 5.08
Run 3: Race Day (gets it's own post)

Other: Light PT x 2

Feeling: Determined (thanks Carol!).

While I am still sad about the death of my dear kitty cat, I have a job to do.  Woobs wasn't a quitter & neither am I.  When I got her, the vet said she had a break at the base of her tail (from an Xray) & we had to be careful her whole life to keep her regular, as being constipated would be quite painful for her.   She also had something going on with her right shoulder & would stand with it almost dislocated at times.  I am sure both of these things contributed to her being arthritic in old age, but she never gave up.  So neither will I.

I have 2 x (hopefully) lucky charms I plan on running with. 

The first is for our friend who died from brain cancer earlier in the year, who was a Dr Who tragic - the Tardis.  And the second is for my cat.

I went through her old collars & found this one, which perfectly matches my shoes.  Blue - it looks like you are coming too as my charms are you LOL!

Training is complete.  All that is left is the marathon itself.  I found out we get 2 times - one at the marathon distance 42.195 & one at the end which I am still unsure if it's 44 or 45kms!  Website say 44kms, but lots of people said it's actually 45, so I guess I will see on the day.  I'm to run it as a marathon with a cool down at the end.  

I cant decide where to have the family positioned - the actual marathon timing spot or the official finish, or somewhere between the two!  I know that at the melb marathon, even had the family been able to see me, I wouldn't have seen them.  I was so focused on running as fast as I could across the finishing line the only thing I saw was the clock & the archway you run under!!!!

Anyhoo.  I've done all I can do now other than carb loading.  Just need to make sure I pack everything & don't trip over anything in the interim.  Wish me luck!!!!

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