Thursday, May 14, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 19/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 19: 4/5 - 10/5

Run 1: Tuesday PM 7kms Hills normal pace - done on treadmill, didn't time
Run 2: Thursday AM 10km normal pace - 5.23 pace
Run 3: Saturday 12kms normal pace - 5.36 pace

Other: PT x 2

Feeling: Pre noon Saturday good/post noon Saturday heartbroken.

Weather was wet & windy Tuesday morning so I opted to go to my gym & run on the treadmill - no point risking illness this close to the event.  Didn't bother recording the time.  I've not been to my gym that early before; it's not staffed at that hour & I was a little apprehensive about how safe &/or creepy it would be, but was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of familiar faces.  

Saturday's run was good despite the impending Vet appointment.  The day was clear, the sun out, little wind.  Perfect for running.  If you haven't read the previous post, now is the time to do it, as it explains what happened Saturday afternoon.

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