Thursday, May 7, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 18/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 18: 27/4 - 3/5

Run 1: Tuesday PM 7kms Hills Normal Pace - 5.51 pace
Run 2: Thursday AM 5km Normal Pace - 5.22 pace 
Run 3: Saturday 35 - 38kms slow & steady - 6.03 pace

Other: PT x 2

Feeling: thank god that run is over.  Taper time!!!!

I had my Mum visiting & going to the Women’s Health Ed day @ the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre on Saturday – she had an 8.30am start & I wanted to start my long run before then!!  I drove her in & ran from there, along the light rail from Montague street to the Spirit of Tasmania & then beach side to past Sandringham!  

I’ve run as far as Brighton before, but after that was unknown territory.  I tried to stick to the beach track where possible as it was soft under foot but not very well sign posted & I found myself out of track & on sand a few times.  Had to back track & at one point run up a flight of 30 odd stairs to get back on the path!!  It was gusty 25km per hour wind on the way back (I was thinking good practice for great ocean road) & felt like I was running on the spot in places!!!  

The track was so narrow in places I had to stop & let people past; & walkers not getting out of the way were a bit frustrating.  I stopped for a few minutes to help catch a runaway dog which was entertaining.  All in all possibly not the best route for a training run – better for an exploratory run as it slowed me down a bit – pace was 6.03 & I recon the first ever positive split run I’ve done!!!  

But, probably good mental preparation if things are windy & I’m slow on race day.  I didn’t want to push too hard on this run & just try & get the kms done.  I took 2 anti inflams at the 10km mark as I was paranoid about the knee – Physio said whatever gets me through is OK!!  Didn’t take any more after that & knee felt good the following day.

My instructions were to run to 35kms see how I felt & if I was cactus, or struggling or my knee hurting to stop then; if I felt good, to push on for a bit.  Everything was a bit uncomfortable from about midway but it wasn’t getting any worse, so pushed on as I think that mentally, that would help me on race day.  I actually started counting down the 38 at 12kms to go.  Only 11 to go after this km, anyone can run 11kms right (so on & so forth!!) 

I didn't mind the route too much, but the only people that said hello between South Melbourne to almost Sandringham were the council workers planting trees!!!  Once I hit Sandy the walkers/runners were a friendly replying to my call of "morning" & smiling or nodding my way.  I guess I'm just not a pretty enough runner for the likes of the South Melb/Port Melb/St Kilda/Elwood/Brighton set!!!!

I drove down to the beach at Port Melbourne after I made it back to the car for coffee & to make like a footballer & stand in the ocean to help with recovery for 20 minutes.  Thankfully either the wind had dropped off or I was in a secluded spot at that point, so it wasn't too bad.  I still felt like a giant ice block emerging from the water.  

Spent the rest of the weekend recovering, preparing for the week ahead & hanging out with Mum (& Dad when he arrived on Sunday arvo).


Carol said...

Wheeeeeeeee!!!!! It's nearly here. Will you be down there on the Saturday afternoon? I'm not sure if I've already asked you that. I'm doing the 14km. Maybe I'll see you somewhere down the street. You are soooo ready mate, I've never known anyone more determined than you.

Carol said...

PS: I might like to remind you that 6:08 pace is not slow nor steady! You speedster you!

Blue Grumpster said...

Walkers not getting out of the way? How RUDE.

AlleyCat said...

Hi Carol, yes, I'm hoping to be there to see you start/finish!!!! We've just decided to go to the pasta night Saturday night also!! I dunno mate - I reckon you are pretty damn determined yourself!!!!!!! If I don't see you in person to wish you luck before you start - GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!! PS I've heard YOUR hills will be harder than mine!!!!!

AlleyCat said...

LOL Blue. Yes. Keep to the left!!!!

PS did I tell you my Dad's Dad's name was Blue?? Not saying you're old or anything LOL, just that you have share a fabulous name. He fought in Papua New Guinea in WW2 - I think you started reading my blog well after we followed in his footsteps by hiking over there. If you're interested in reading that sort of stuff I'll find the link or dates........I'm hopeless at tagging posts.

Carol said...

Will look out for you. I did the 14km last year and loved it, it was soooooo beautiful, which is why I wanted to do it again. So I'm well and truly aware of my hills and I'm ready for them! Ha