Monday, May 4, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 17/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 17: 20/4 - 26/4

Run 1: Tuesday PM 7kms Hills normal - 5.41 pace
Run 2: Thursday AM 6km faster pace - 5.25 pace
Run 3: Saturday 15kms slow & steady - 5.38 pace

Other: PT x 2

Feeling: almost there!!!

Short n sweet.  Not much to report really!!!


Blue Grumpster said...

There is no such thing as normal hills.... Well, in my book there isn't. ;)

Yes, I'm still jealous.

AlleyCat said...

LOL. apparently practice makes perfect is true. I'm a stronger runner from adding in regular hills - well, the ones I've been running seem easier!!!!

Blue Grumpster said...

Sure... rub it in.

AlleyCat said...