Tuesday, April 21, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 16/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 16: 13/4 - 19/4

Run 1: Tuesday PM 7kms normal pace - 5.30 pace
Run 2: Thursday AM 5km pretend you are running a 5km & run as fast as comfortably possible - 5.11 pace
Run 3: Saturday 32 - 34kms slow & steady  - 34kms 5.48 pace

Other: PT x 2; 4km recovery walk Sunday

Feeling: accomplished!! 

Managed the 34kms on Saturday without much incident.  I took 2 anti inflammatories at the 15km mark as I could feel knee pain threatening on the right.  Did the trick & I didn't take any after more that.  Started out quite slowly - aiming for under 6 minute kms, with the plan to pick it up on the way home.  I haven't checked the splits yet, but I did run the last km in 5.13 pace.  

With 9kms to go, two tracks merge with me on one & a guy on the other.  He took off & I didn't see him after the first couple of minutes until I had 2kms left to go!!  He was only 400 - 500 metres in front of me, so I made it my mission to catch him which I did with 200 metres to spare!!!  Certainly took my mind off the last couple of kms!!!!

Another mind game I've been using on the longer runs is to think of it as an out & back rather than the total distance I have to run.  Instead of thinking of Saturdays run as 34kms, I pigeon holed it as 17kms out & back.  I run to the turn around point then count the kms back down to 0!  The things you do to keep from freaking out LOL!!!

Rest of the week was pretty cruizy with no hills to run to keep my knee happy.  Caught up with an old friend for a walk & a cuppa on Sunday.  We got caught in the hail & had to take cover under some trees for 10 minutes; other than feeling a bit cold it was all good.  Sunday was very windy & cold here!!  Saturday in comparison was quite mild & perfect conditions for running.  So much so that I actually made like a footballer & stood in the ocean for 20 minutes after my run ( in a beanie with a large hot coffee) in an attempt to rehab (ice) all of me from the waist down.  I came out a giant iceblock am not sure I'll be brave enough to do it again hahaha.

I cant believe how the time has flown, the Marathon is almost here!!!  Still not sure how I'll go with the hills, but I have heard from others who've run the event that the scenery takes your mind off the hard bits & the down hills are more awesome that the uphills are horrid.  So.  Bring It.


Carol said...

OMG 20-16= 4 weeks to go!!! I like out and backs both for training runs and in events, it's nice for this back of the packer to actually run with other people around, ha! You really are amazing, what a pace. Wow.

AlleyCat said...

Hadn't thought of it like that Carol!!! But very true, it is nice to be amongst it. Thanks RE Pace, but it's not that fast!!! My physio runs a km in 3.3!!!

Blue Grumpster said...

A 4km recovery walk? That would be my equivalent of a marathon! (Don't laugh)

AlleyCat said...

I'm not laughing Blue :-) Promise LOL!!!