Saturday, March 14, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 8/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 8: 16/2 - 22/2

Run 1: Tuesday PM 3kms Time Trial 15.42 pace 5.14
Run 2: Thursday AM 5km split 14.29/13.56 
Run 3: Sunday 21.1kms 1 hour, 1 min 21 secs pace 5.45

Other: PT Monday & Thursday

Feeling: Pro-active.

Was Mum's birthday on Sunday so we went to Warrnambool for the weekend.  I really wanted to do my long run somewhere along the Great Ocean Road & drive the actual course.  In the end we drove it Friday night & I ran from my sisters on Saturday morning on the rail trail which has a long slow incline for around 7kms + a couple of steeper shorter hills in the first 2kms from my sisters house so that did the trick.  Time trials show I am less fit than this time last year.  SAD FACE.  I've gone from superior - to excellent VO2 max from the 3km time trial in the 30 - 39 age group (& not quite into the superior category in my own age group).  Coach was happy with my times though.  

The course overall looks like 2 x unrelentingly long never ending hills + lots of manageable (shorter – where you can see the end & there is a flat to recover on before the next!!); the last 10 – 15kms is relatively flat.  Better 2 than 10 evil hills, but they are still pretty scary.  God help me.

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