Thursday, March 12, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 6/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 6: 2/2 - 8/2

Run 1: Monday AM 5kms 27.03 pace 5.24
Run 2: Thursday AM 24.01 2hrs 35mins 6sec pace 6.28
Run 3: Nil

Other: Walking; hiking; bike riding

Feeling: Slow

Still on holidays, still doing the rehab stuff for the hammie & still not pushing too hard on the long runs.  I forgot to take my long run timetable with me & was only supposed to do 23kms this week.  Oops.  No matter.  I think my hip flexors hurt more than my hammie did this week.  Took an epsom salts bath every day & also had a massage.  This looking after yourself isn't too bad.  OOhhhh forgot to tell you I started Febfast.  No booze for the month of February.  Well - I might have told you in the holiday post, but I'm playing catch up with these training posts.  Left for home on Friday.  Back to regular training schedule soon.  My running coach from the last marathon emailed while I was away, offering her services (discounted) & enquiring as to of I was still running, had anything planned & if not why (was a group email).  At this point I was considering signing up with her.  Wanted to talk it over with my PT......................

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