Tuesday, March 10, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 5/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 5: 26/1 - 1/2

Run 1: Wednesday AM 5kms Slow 26.53 pace 5.23
Run 2: Friday AM 15.5km Slow 1hr 34mins 49 sec pace 6.07 
Run 3: nil

Other: Walking

Feeling: quietly hopeful

Hammie held up to the not so slow 5km Wednesday so I decided to go longer on Friday.  Aim was for 10kms, but was feeling good, & desperate to to get to far off schedule so went to 15.5kms, but kept it really slow.  The area is unfamiliar (we were away on holidays).  Part of the run was in a wilderness type park that took in the old Pambula racecourse.  I've forgotten how far it was around, but had 40 odd Kangaroo's on the track & in the middle of the course to keep me company, so I kept making like a horse, running around & around that!!!  It was only 2.5kms home from their & I could have walked as a cool down or got plumbing boy to pick me up if it had all gone to shite!!!

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