Monday, March 30, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 13/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 13: 23/3 - 29/3

Run 1: Wednesday AM 5kms Fast - 4.59 pace
Run 2: Wednesday PM 7kms Hills - no idea forgot watch
Run 3: Saturday 15kms - 5km normal pace - aim 5.30, 5km fast as possible - aim 5 - 5.15, 5km recovery pace - aim 5.30 - 5.45 - acheived - average pace overall 5.29

Other: PT x 1

Feeling: A bit fragile

As you can see I did both shorter runs on the same day this week.  I had planned to do the 5km Tuesday morning, but felt too gloomy as that was the day we farewelled our friend.  I'd planned the hill run Wednesday night as I had PT scheduled Monday & Thursday (& didn't want to do it Friday night before my long run on Saturday).  I cracked the under 5 mins per km pace for the first time in a long time which was good.  

I felt panicked halfway through & had to talk myself down so to speak.  I realize that is why I rarely get the fast time, as it feels quite uncomfortable - like an anxiety attack. Where you can't breath properly.  Light bulb moment.  I'm a bit slow on the uptake sometimes.  I was able to get the anxious feelings under control & still push through. If only you could hear the inner dialogue.  I'm sure it was quite amusing!!!  

My old PT used to tell me to "just get it done & worry about it later", when he could see me struggling, so I focused on that for a bit, imagining him in my face saying it.  My current PT always tells me "you've done the work, you've got this" when I'm worried about not being able to do something, so I imagined him loping along beside me telling me so.  I also though about our friend who died & her beautiful smile which was calming.

As I said, our friends funeral was on Tuesday.  It was a sad sad day.  I took some comfort towards the end of the wake when her Dad said to me he could now see why everyone so loved his daughter.  Plus one of the sunflowers her husband planted a while ago bloomed the day after the funeral.  Life still seems quite fragile though.

Only 1 x PT session this week - PT had a bout of food poisoning............remind me never to eat sushi from the place next door to the gym.

Long run was shorter, but challenging with the speed session built into the middle of it.  The first 5km was straight forward 5.32 5.35 5.26 5.32 5.28.  The next 5km (speed session) was a bit all over the shop 5.11 5.22 5.14 5.17 4.57 & had to dig deep on that last km to bring the time down.  I didn't think I'd achieve an average pace here of 5 mins, so aimed for 5.15 or less!  

The last 5kms were also a bit of a challenge & had to smash out the last km to make the average pace in that section respectable 5.39 5.48 5.48 5.53 5.32 I was getting slower & slower!!!  I've never done a run structured like this before so was quite interesting(?) & very challenging.  I achieved the overall paces for each section so was happy enough.

I have 30kms to do this coming week & am feeling a little nervous.  I've run this far before so I'm not quite sure why!! Maybe I should focus on all the chocolate I can eat after it LOL.

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