Monday, March 16, 2015

GORM Training Update Week 10/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 10: 2/3 - 8/3

Run 1: Monday AM 5km Normal pace; pace 5.26
Run 2: Wednesday PM 7kms Hills; pace 5.59  
Run 3: Friday 25kms pace 5.54

Other: PT Monday & Thursday

Feeling: Tired.

Been fighting off a cold all week (thanks Mr PT) & felt sluggish.  Monday night at PT my legs would barely work!  I think doing 21, then 23kms a week apart took it's toll on my body!  That said, pace was better for the long run this week & it was 2kms further.  I was on target for a 5.50 pace, watch was about to die with 2 kms to go so I hit stop & save & had to manually add on the last 2kms from the end time (of day).  I faded quite a bit without it to motivate me I guess, but dems da breaks.  We went away for the long weekend to a music festival, hence doing the long run on Friday!  Was good to have it done before we went.

Plumbing Boy saw a dive shop closing down during the week so we went in & scored a few bargains.  I got a 7mm 2nd hand dive suit for $100-00 + a brand new 2/3mm steamer for the same price.  PB got a BC & a steamer (2nd hand BC) but there wasn't a 7mm that would fit him.  We took the steamers with us to Port Fairy & swam in the great southern ocean despite the cold!!!  I was able to stay in for a lot longer & I could get in so much faster!  I suffer from Reynaurds Phenomenon  & have issues with hands & feet.  We swam & body surfed both mornings we were there.  Not sure if it played much part in leg recovery, but certainly helped with the seediness!!! 


Blue Grumpster said...

Reynaurds... Mrs Blue has it too. It's a pain, alright. I akso can't believe how fit you are. Don't you feel like... dead.... after running a marathon?

AlleyCat said...

Poor Mrs Blue. It's a drag!!!

I actually felt pretty good immediately after the first marathon - must have been that runners high LOL. Felt pretty ordinary later that night.............& all the next day...........& here I am, preparing to do it all over again!!!

I guess I am pretty fit; but then I read an article about a blind Kenyan who runs the distance in half the time I do & think I have a long way to go hahahaha

Carol said...

Goodness, another amazing running friend of mine suffers Reynaurds too. It must be more common than I thought. She usually wears gloves when she runs.

AlleyCat said...

I have gloves for winter, but I prefer the long sleeves with the thumb holes - the sleeves are usually long enough to double as hand warmers & the I can roll them up when i'm warm enough & not have to worry about carrying the gloves. Fussy thing aren't I!!!!