Wednesday, March 11, 2015


So.  I'm still alive & kicking.  Just been frantically busy with work stuff & been away for 2 weekends out of the last 3, with the middle one despite being at home, insanely busy.  Which explains why my poor little blog has been neglected!!  It was all I could do to keep up with food, laundry & training!!!  Don't look at my floors - they are well past due for a vacuum & mop.

I am still training for the great ocean road marathon in may, but I must say it has been hard.  My head space hasn't been great, but I think I'm getting there.  Training with hills is much much harder.  And the fear of not being able to run them all, has had the better of me.  Until today, I think.  I wrote on my mirror this morning NO FEAR right underneath this & plan to keep writing it until it's conquered.

I mean really, what's the worst that could happen.  I have to walk?  Or my time is slow due to possible gale force winds or rain or hail???  I'll just be wet, tired, sore & grumpy.  I'm just a bit precious sometimes & hate setting goals I may not achieve.  Freakin' daft right????

Anyhoo.  Enough of what's going on in my head.  How are we all?  Apologies for not visiting you all very much &/or not commenting.  And a big hello to the lovely C who messaged me earlier today to make sure I WAS still alive & kicking.  Your message made my day.  You my friend, are awesome!!!!! 


Memphis Steve said...

I think we're all pretty busy lately. But the important thing is that you got back and blogged again, right? :-) Gale force winds surely count for something if you don't set a new PR, right? Its like Top Gear when they make a note of how wet the track is.

C said...

Yay, lovely to hear from you, I missed you!

Oh dear, hills are the worst, but you are so right, the worst that could happen is that you need to walk.

I think it is a remarkable achievement to have been so dedicated to your training. So proud of you.


AlleyCat said...

Hahaha thanks Steve. I will be thinking of you & top gear if the track is wet!!!

Thank you C. xoxo

Chris H said...

I echo C's words. You are awesome and I am sure you are stressing about the GORM too much. I just know you will be fine.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris!!!!