Friday, January 9, 2015

GORM training update Week 1/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 1: 29/12 - 4/1

Run 1: 6km 31/12
Run 2: 21.1km  3/1

Other: 2 x PT Sessions; 1hr walk, 30 min walk.

Feeling: Slow, pudgy, nervous!!

First week of training was pretty basic.  I did the long run Saturday morning starting at 5.45am as it was already 28 degrees C with a hot north wind forecast!!!  I hate running in the wind, but chances are the GORM will be windy so I really need to get over that!!!

Had my parents not been staying (I gave them our room as it has air-conditioning) & had I left more clothes out I think I would have piked & gone to the gym & done a combo of running, bike & rowing.  I must have woken up 10 times during the night & heard the wind & stressed about whether or not I could do it & planing the gym alternate!!!!

As it was, I'd gotten out a crop & shorts only - yup there was lots of flesh going on.   I figured at that hour & considering the conditions there wouldn't be too many people out to frighten!!  But there was no way I was walking into my gym wearing so little (they have camera's LOL) - so stick to the plan it was!!!  I froze the hand held drink bottles which was genius on my part & worked a treat.  As did running through the sprinklers watering the lawn in the park :-)

Once I got going I was OK, although it was a bloody slow run made slower by stopping to use the bathroom - I think I was still processing Christmas food LOL.

Ended up with a bit of chafe on my thighs & on one arm pit.  It was only starting to bother me at around 18kms.  The furtherest I've run in shorts is 10kms & without bother.  I think I need some longer shorts to try out, as the ones I have are quite short.  I've only run in a crop once before, & that was only the last few kms as I was in a long sleeve top & was just too hot.  I usually wear a singlet & haven't had any chafing.  A first time for everything I guess.


Blue Grumpster said...

You ran when it was 28 degrees C? Are you superwoman? I won't tell anyone.

Still processing Christmas food... good one.

Carol said...

haha, I'm just looking at your blog roll there and seen the goofy pic of my husband looking at his pasta! Crack up.

I'm going to enjoy following this journey along with you. As for the shorts, I have heard that the shorts from Skirt Sports do not ride up at all. I am yet to try them, but do want to purchase them in the near future. Will let you know.

AlleyCat said...

LOL @ Blue. Not superwoman. Just slightly crazy!!!

AlleyCat said...

LOL love the pasta shot Carol :-)

Yes, Let me know if you try the shorts. To be honest, most of the year I'm happy in capri length tights. We don't get that many days THAT hot in the mornings which is when I prefer to run :-)