Tuesday, January 6, 2015

End of Year in Pictures

How was your Christmas/New Years?  Ours was pretty quiet as we worked except the public holidays.  It was quite over indulgent in terms of food - I think next year we need to donate half & spend some time in a kitchen feeding others elsewhere!!!  

Before we got piggy I tested out the new runners Santa got me....... 

 Santa arrived a week early for Rosy, & she tested out her bed.  She's not so keen on the dry shampoo I got her though!!

I was hungry enough for breakfast after my run, & since lunch wasn't until 1pm ish .................. 

Someone was so hungry their plate broke mid meal!!!

We were too full after first desert to fit in any plum pudding.

But after left overs for dinner

The plum pud, brandy custard & cream went down a treat!!!

Boxing day arrived along with my Sister & Niece plus some boxing day sales shopping & hair dressing sessions

New years was pretty quiet, plumbing boy was in bed by 9.30pm, I think I made it to 10pm before switching from couch to bed after finishing off the last of the Christmas deserts!!

I began new years day with more food (surprisingly) &  a walk around the Maribyrnong while PB worked on his dirt bike (it had broken down on a ride the day after boxing day).  Couldn't get any sense out of him until it was fixed!!!!!

& after some consternation, committed to this: 

I really wanted to do the Melbourne Marathon again this year.  I wanted to be sure I could do the distance without having to rely so heavily (psychologically) on a support team to get me over the line.  That said, I don't think I could have stopped the support team from coming again this year (they said it was FUN!!), but my logic was supposing I tried Sydney or the Gold Coast Marathons where I don't know the route & have no support at all.......what if I can't do it????  Yeah, I'm a sook!!!

The Melbourne Marathon is scheduled a week later in 2015, which is the week after my birthday & also the week one of my best friends is getting married, & I'm in the bridal party, so just couldn't fit all that into one weekend!!!

The Great Ocean Road Marathon is longer @ 44kms, has lots of hills & will probably be windy (my 2 fave running conditions - NOT), but any time at that distance will be a PB so hopefully my poor little mind will stop stressing & just get on with it.  Training has begun already as the event is in May.  I may yet consider a second marathon this year depending on how I pull up from the G.O.R.M.  Sydney in September perhaps??  Wish me luck!!!!!

So.  What are you committing to in 2015?


Carol said...

OMG OMG OMG, forget the food, you're doing the GOR MARATHON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so freaking excited for you. I will be down there doing the 14km again this year, I enjoyed it so much last year, it was a good distance for me. Having said that I've entered the Geelong Half again this year, one cannot have too many facewashers, can one??!! ;-)

Loved the photos, looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, good food, okay LOTS of good food, you broke a plate? Really???

Love your work!

AlleyCat said...

LOL Thanks Carol!! I think you are more excited by the GOR Marathon than I am. I'm shitting bricks actually LOL!!!!! Just how hilly is it? I cant remember the road!!!! I think I'll be taking a drive down soon & might have to do some training there. I went for my hill run last night & nearly died LOL. Was freaking out at how hard 5 laps was with 1 hill (kind of a big one) - how am I going to do a whole hilly marathon!!!!????????

Yep. my aunt was slicing something on her plate & it just broke. It was hilarious!!!

One can never have too many face washers :-)

Memphis Steve said...

Your Christmas looks awesome!

Memphis Steve said...
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Memphis Steve said...
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Memphis Steve said...

Sorry about the comment avalanche. My computer is having a spazz attack.

Memphis Steve said...

Also, it lost my original comment, which was much longer and more detailed. So of course it tried to post the replacement 5 times.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Steve - Happy Christmas & thanks for the card!!!! I've been so slack this year & haven't sent any. I'll send you a post Xmas card instead OK??

Bloody computers. Great when they work!!!

Hope you are well!!!