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Be back in a couple of weeks.  Promise to eat lots of ice cream & have fish n chips on the beach.  And sleep, and read, & relax!!!!!

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GORM Training Update Week 2/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 1: 5/1 - 11/1

Run 1: Tuesday PM 7kms Hills
Run 2: Thursday AM 5km fast
Run 3: Sunday AM 10km Surf T Surf Warrnambool

Other: 2 x PT Sessions (Monday & Thursday); 1 x own gym session. 

Feeling: Calm

Tuesday night was till pretty warm & I cut my run a bit short (5.75kms) - I did the loop in reverse & while the hill wasn't quite as steep it was twice as long!!!  I was having a melt down by the time I reached the top each time & was thinking "how am I going to run a hilly marathon if I can't run this little loop 6 times"!!!  The clincher was I was busting for a bathroom stop & there is no public toilet in walking distance of this route & I wasn't going to make like a bear.

Thursday's run was fine, no PB but a good early morning fast run.

It was my brother in law's 50th birthday party Saturday & I'd already registered for the Surf T Surf before my sister had decided on a party.  

It's not an expensive event, so I could have just not done it, but decided to treat it as a training run, not think about trying for a PB & to just run for the fun of it.  Looking ahead at the weather forecast, I wrote "Beanie" on things to pack for the weekend.  Saturday was supposed to be a top of 17.  We were lucky the rain held off.

There was plenty of food & of course cake.  But I forgot to take a picture of the pavlova's, trifle & fruit salad!

We got to test out Mum & Dad's new camper to sleep in

And spend some quality time with my niece & her cat Charlie.

The party was for lunch, although the Iast two guests showed up at 7pm!!  I managed to head off to bed by 9pm in a massive food coma having had a couple of glass of wine through out the day & plenty of water to hydrate.   I wasn't sure whether plumbing boy would accompany me or not considering the hour he came to bed & the snoring that followed.  Thank goodness I was able to sleep!!!  But as I was finishing my cup of tea, he showed signs of life although declining coffee wanting water only!!!

As the weather forecast was not looking good I decided to run in my marathon tshirt for some extra warmth.  Even though I left my jumper on til 5 minutes  before the start & handed it over to PB as I went looking for Carol in the starting corral, it took me 3 kms before my hands defrosted.

I did find Carol with about 20 seconds before we were off & gave her a fright as I tapped her on the arm with my cold hands!!  Luckily the rain held off & the sun came out & I was so hot I had to roll up my sleeves as you can see in the picture below taken by the local camera club (for a small fee).  They did a fabulous job :-)

I think this is the first time I actually looked around at the scenery as I ran - heading down the hill adjacent the cemetery to the Hopkins river was just beautiful as the water was glistening in the sunlight!!  Usually I'm on the verge of a panic attack worrying about my pace!!!!  The run was over pretty quickly & with a little help from my killing in the name of rah rah rah chant up the last longish hill, the dirty angel was in sight.  A bloke yelled out to me "not long to go now" I yelled back "& a nice long down hill!!"

You can make up half a minute on the Pertobe Road downhill at the end, not sure how close I'd come to 50 minutes I belted down as fast as my legs could carry.

Official time was 51.05.  I was really happy with that as I thought I'd be somewhere between 53 & 55 minutes.  Last years time was 49.27, the closest I'd managed since then was 52.54 in October.  My marathon running coach said it's my nemesis & all in my head being unable to crack the 50 minutes again so I was plenty happy with 51.05.

PB met me at the finish line bone cold having hastily dressed earlier so we took off straight away only stopping for take away coffee on the way back to my sisters.  More cake for morning tea (it was a Red Velvet with white chocolate & raspberry coulis) YUM; followed by the last of the left overs for lunch.

I ended up driving back to Melbourne while PB had a nap looking forward to a nice long epsom salts soak in the tub on arrival which I took full advantage off & finished my book while I was at it.

All in all a good weekend & a solid weeks training :-)

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GORM training update Week 1/20

Great Ocean Road Marathon Training Week 1: 29/12 - 4/1

Run 1: 6km 31/12
Run 2: 21.1km  3/1

Other: 2 x PT Sessions; 1hr walk, 30 min walk.

Feeling: Slow, pudgy, nervous!!

First week of training was pretty basic.  I did the long run Saturday morning starting at 5.45am as it was already 28 degrees C with a hot north wind forecast!!!  I hate running in the wind, but chances are the GORM will be windy so I really need to get over that!!!

Had my parents not been staying (I gave them our room as it has air-conditioning) & had I left more clothes out I think I would have piked & gone to the gym & done a combo of running, bike & rowing.  I must have woken up 10 times during the night & heard the wind & stressed about whether or not I could do it & planing the gym alternate!!!!

As it was, I'd gotten out a crop & shorts only - yup there was lots of flesh going on.   I figured at that hour & considering the conditions there wouldn't be too many people out to frighten!!  But there was no way I was walking into my gym wearing so little (they have camera's LOL) - so stick to the plan it was!!!  I froze the hand held drink bottles which was genius on my part & worked a treat.  As did running through the sprinklers watering the lawn in the park :-)

Once I got going I was OK, although it was a bloody slow run made slower by stopping to use the bathroom - I think I was still processing Christmas food LOL.

Ended up with a bit of chafe on my thighs & on one arm pit.  It was only starting to bother me at around 18kms.  The furtherest I've run in shorts is 10kms & without bother.  I think I need some longer shorts to try out, as the ones I have are quite short.  I've only run in a crop once before, & that was only the last few kms as I was in a long sleeve top & was just too hot.  I usually wear a singlet & haven't had any chafing.  A first time for everything I guess.

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End of Year in Pictures

How was your Christmas/New Years?  Ours was pretty quiet as we worked except the public holidays.  It was quite over indulgent in terms of food - I think next year we need to donate half & spend some time in a kitchen feeding others elsewhere!!!  

Before we got piggy I tested out the new runners Santa got me....... 

 Santa arrived a week early for Rosy, & she tested out her bed.  She's not so keen on the dry shampoo I got her though!!

I was hungry enough for breakfast after my run, & since lunch wasn't until 1pm ish .................. 

Someone was so hungry their plate broke mid meal!!!

We were too full after first desert to fit in any plum pudding.

But after left overs for dinner

The plum pud, brandy custard & cream went down a treat!!!

Boxing day arrived along with my Sister & Niece plus some boxing day sales shopping & hair dressing sessions

New years was pretty quiet, plumbing boy was in bed by 9.30pm, I think I made it to 10pm before switching from couch to bed after finishing off the last of the Christmas deserts!!

I began new years day with more food (surprisingly) &  a walk around the Maribyrnong while PB worked on his dirt bike (it had broken down on a ride the day after boxing day).  Couldn't get any sense out of him until it was fixed!!!!!

& after some consternation, committed to this: 

I really wanted to do the Melbourne Marathon again this year.  I wanted to be sure I could do the distance without having to rely so heavily (psychologically) on a support team to get me over the line.  That said, I don't think I could have stopped the support team from coming again this year (they said it was FUN!!), but my logic was supposing I tried Sydney or the Gold Coast Marathons where I don't know the route & have no support at all.......what if I can't do it????  Yeah, I'm a sook!!!

The Melbourne Marathon is scheduled a week later in 2015, which is the week after my birthday & also the week one of my best friends is getting married, & I'm in the bridal party, so just couldn't fit all that into one weekend!!!

The Great Ocean Road Marathon is longer @ 44kms, has lots of hills & will probably be windy (my 2 fave running conditions - NOT), but any time at that distance will be a PB so hopefully my poor little mind will stop stressing & just get on with it.  Training has begun already as the event is in May.  I may yet consider a second marathon this year depending on how I pull up from the G.O.R.M.  Sydney in September perhaps??  Wish me luck!!!!!

So.  What are you committing to in 2015?