Friday, December 5, 2014

Training Update 24th - 30th Nov

Monday: PM PT 500m Rowing, 20 x medicine ball slams with squats, 20 x medicine ball throws with squats, 10 x walking lunges, 20 x jumping lunges, 10 x walking lunges, 20 x jumping lunges.  4 x Sets.  Stretch

Tuesday: Run 1 - 8km trail run 43mins 47sec pace 5.28

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: PM PT Outdoor session - green band crab walks 20 steps up & back x 3; boxing, step ups & ladder runs; 10kg weighted walking lunges x 10, 20 x jumping lunges (repeat) x 3; basketball cone drills various, suicide runs x 3

Friday: AM Run 2: 6.25km 34mins 25sec pace 5.30

Saturday: AM Run 3 - 15kms 1hr 24mins 10 sec pace 5.36

Sunday: Rest

Not much to say other than I'm getting back into routine.  Loved the outdoor PT session, hopefully that will become the norm :-)

Light training week next week as I'm running this next Sunday.  My lovely friend who was hoping to do the 5km has had to pull out due to illness, so I'm dedicating 5 of my kms to her & running in memory of her Mum & Dad.


Blue Grumpster said...

You're getting back into routine, alright. Dear Lord... did you say 15kms 1hr 24mins? That's, what, 10 miles? That's impressive in my book.

AlleyCat said...

LOL thanks Blue. I'm a little out of whack with my regular training schedule at the moment. Ahhh yes, it is a bit...........I do forget it seems a little extreme for some :-)