Thursday, December 18, 2014

(Life & )Training Update 8th - 14th December

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: PM PT @ Park - 10 x Jump Squats, 10 x Jumping Lunges 1 minute rest, increase each set x 5 repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat (last set was 30 & 30).  Core.  Stretch.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Run 1: am 6kms slow
PM PT @ Park - 10 x pull up row, 10 x (assisted) pull ups (slow on the way down) x 4; side step push ups x 5 up & back; repeat x 3. Core. Stretch.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 10kms 57mins 4sec.  Pace 5mins 42sec

I was supposed to have PT Monday night as per usual, but my MIL was carted off to hospital in an ambulance with extremely high blood pressure (over 200).  There was a bit of a nervous wait to see what was happening.  She had a family member with her, so we didn't end up going in that night as she was going to & from various scans & eventually was despatched to a private hospital as there were no beds available where she'd been bought to.  We did speak to her on the phone though & she was quite adamant we shouldn't come in!!

Plumbing boy went in on Tuesday arvo/evening to see her while I was supposedly having a light training session post half marathon.  Light my arse!!  I'm writing this on Friday & my quads are still killing me!!!!  At least I can walk up & down the stairs today with out moaning LOL!!!

Wednesday night I went in to visit the MIL in hospital - she was given the all clear to head home Thursday morning & was feeling much better & was quite bored, so am glad we were able to spread out her visitors a bit!!!  As she's 90, most of her friends have either passed away or are incapacitated & unable to visit.  

Thursday we did upper body as my legs were still flogged from Tuesday!!!  Although did manage a slow run Thursday morning.  Had to drop off my car at the service centre - 2 x warning lights had come on - so drove down & ran home.  It is supposed to be ready for pick up today (Friday) but we shall see.  It is also supposed to be under warranty so I hope so.  The car is 2 years old today.  Tonight is our work Christmas Party so am planning another rest day tomorrow & a big sleep in.

Picked up the car Friday, a water pump had failed & was replaced under warranty.  Spent Saturday pottering about, cleaning & throwing out years worth of stuff (video's of movies recorded off the TV; clothes not worn in years etc etc) on my mission to find the Christmas lights after a sturdy semi hungover breakfast.

I have a plug in fibre optic tree that I usually plug in the week before Christmas, but as I have my cousin's coming this year decided to get a real tree.  This will be their first Christmas away from home (kids are 24 & 26? respectively) now, but miss J loves her real Christmas tree so thought I'd get one.  Not very environmentally friendly are they!!!! Grow a tree, chop it down, stick it in a bucket of water for 6 weeks & then throw it away!!!

It's almost there.

Sunday I ran a slow 10km in warmth to make up for Saturday nights dinner of red wine & chocolate icecream!!! There is protein in icecream right??  After a late large breaky, didn't have lunch til 3.30pm & wasn't feeling like eating much for dinner :-)

The run was quite pleasant, lots of people & animals out although it was a little windy & I did have to stop at a few drinking fountains - just a tad thirsty.  Took myself to a mates cafe for breakfast as Plumbing Boy had gone dirt bike riding.  Bloody amazing as usual.

That my friends is a wrap.  Except..............I bought my cat a new bed for her birthday/Christmas & decided she should have it early.  She's settled in quite nicely thank you :-)


C said...

That is a beautiful tree, so lovely of you to go to that extra effort to make Christmas special for your cousins.

Also, I love the cat bed... I want one of those for myself for work :)


Chris H said...

I hope your MIL is feeling much better now.
We bought our two dogs a new bed very similar to your's, and they love it too.

Memphis Steve said...

I ran once this week. Blah.

AlleyCat said...

Hey C!!! yes, could use one of those for myself too!!! Hang in their lovely - you'll be on leave soon!!! xoxoxo

Chris - MIL is much better, but apparently at 90 everything hurts, so she's not great.

Steve - once is better than 0 times!!!!!