Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!!

I wish I was by the beach, but we are working through again this year.  I recon I'll be checking out the insides of my eye lids by midnight :-)

Hope you all safely farewell 2014 & welcome 2015 with love in your hearts.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Wishes

Wishing those of you who visit here regularly, a safe & hopefully Happy Christmas.  Thank you for all your comments & support over the past 12 months - it really means a lot.  For those of you who visit but don't comment, please say hello - I promise not to bite!!!  I hope you all get to spend some time with people you like if not love this week.  Biggest hugs to those of you who are spending Christmas alone &/or missing some you love.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

(Life & )Training Update 8th - 14th December

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: PM PT @ Park - 10 x Jump Squats, 10 x Jumping Lunges 1 minute rest, increase each set x 5 repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat (last set was 30 & 30).  Core.  Stretch.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Run 1: am 6kms slow
PM PT @ Park - 10 x pull up row, 10 x (assisted) pull ups (slow on the way down) x 4; side step push ups x 5 up & back; repeat x 3. Core. Stretch.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 10kms 57mins 4sec.  Pace 5mins 42sec

I was supposed to have PT Monday night as per usual, but my MIL was carted off to hospital in an ambulance with extremely high blood pressure (over 200).  There was a bit of a nervous wait to see what was happening.  She had a family member with her, so we didn't end up going in that night as she was going to & from various scans & eventually was despatched to a private hospital as there were no beds available where she'd been bought to.  We did speak to her on the phone though & she was quite adamant we shouldn't come in!!

Plumbing boy went in on Tuesday arvo/evening to see her while I was supposedly having a light training session post half marathon.  Light my arse!!  I'm writing this on Friday & my quads are still killing me!!!!  At least I can walk up & down the stairs today with out moaning LOL!!!

Wednesday night I went in to visit the MIL in hospital - she was given the all clear to head home Thursday morning & was feeling much better & was quite bored, so am glad we were able to spread out her visitors a bit!!!  As she's 90, most of her friends have either passed away or are incapacitated & unable to visit.  

Thursday we did upper body as my legs were still flogged from Tuesday!!!  Although did manage a slow run Thursday morning.  Had to drop off my car at the service centre - 2 x warning lights had come on - so drove down & ran home.  It is supposed to be ready for pick up today (Friday) but we shall see.  It is also supposed to be under warranty so I hope so.  The car is 2 years old today.  Tonight is our work Christmas Party so am planning another rest day tomorrow & a big sleep in.

Picked up the car Friday, a water pump had failed & was replaced under warranty.  Spent Saturday pottering about, cleaning & throwing out years worth of stuff (video's of movies recorded off the TV; clothes not worn in years etc etc) on my mission to find the Christmas lights after a sturdy semi hungover breakfast.

I have a plug in fibre optic tree that I usually plug in the week before Christmas, but as I have my cousin's coming this year decided to get a real tree.  This will be their first Christmas away from home (kids are 24 & 26? respectively) now, but miss J loves her real Christmas tree so thought I'd get one.  Not very environmentally friendly are they!!!! Grow a tree, chop it down, stick it in a bucket of water for 6 weeks & then throw it away!!!

It's almost there.

Sunday I ran a slow 10km in warmth to make up for Saturday nights dinner of red wine & chocolate icecream!!! There is protein in icecream right??  After a late large breaky, didn't have lunch til 3.30pm & wasn't feeling like eating much for dinner :-)

The run was quite pleasant, lots of people & animals out although it was a little windy & I did have to stop at a few drinking fountains - just a tad thirsty.  Took myself to a mates cafe for breakfast as Plumbing Boy had gone dirt bike riding.  Bloody amazing as usual.

That my friends is a wrap.  Except..............I bought my cat a new bed for her birthday/Christmas & decided she should have it early.  She's settled in quite nicely thank you :-)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

Training Update 1st - 7th December

Monday: PM Run 1: 5km on new treadmill at gym - didn't time, just wanted to check them out (treadies that is)!  Chest, shoulders, back; calf raises; core.

Tuesday: PM PT Xband walks, walking lunges, light weighted front & back squats + goblet squats 10 of each x 3 sets; stretch

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: PM PT Outdoor session - green band crab walks 15 steps up & x 3; boxing with sprints inbetween x 3 sets; body weight walking lunges x 20 up & back; 360 lunges x 5 sets; stretch

Friday: AM Run 2: 5.9kms 27mins 26sec pace 5.42

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Run 3 - 21.1km Sussan Womens Fun Run

So last weeks training was reasonably light in prep for the fun run on Sunday to prevent muscle fatigue.  It rained all night Saturday night & was still raining when I got up at 4.45am Sunday morning after a fairly crap 6 hour sleep.  I love my sleep & usually need 8 or more hours to feel human!!!

While the run didn't start til 7.30am, the roads were closing at 6.30am so if I wanted a park within a 20 minute walk, I had to be there before 6.30am, hence the abnormally early start!!!  It was a women's only fun run by Sussan, a women's clothing brand in conjuction with BCNA to raise money & awareness for breast cancer.

I scored a free park on the Beaconsfield Parade 5 minutes walk from the starting line so put the seat back & snoozed til 7am.  It was still drizzling as I headed for the starting line.  Last bathroom stop then checked in a dry jumper & a damp wind breaker as late as I could before entering the starting chute with the other cold damp runners to await the starting gun.  I was hoping for a Personal Best on this run, as my marathon pace is now better than the pace I ran my last half at. 

Eventually we were off & my hands & feet defrosted after around 5kms.  I was making good time, but realized I was probably going to have to take a pee stop.  I've never had to do this at an event & usually have my timing down pat!!!

While I didn't consume any more liquid that I normally do (half a cup of tea with my muffin & 500ml of tailwind on the way to the event), I guess I would normally have finished the run but the time that liquid had made its way through, but the earlier start & having to be at the event so much earlier took its toll.  Lesson learned for next time!!!

I held off til the 14km mark as I was getting quite uncomfortable, but as I was on well on target for a PB, I stopped (42 seconds!!!) & was back on course starting to make up that time.  Still drizzling.  Everything went well until the 19km mark when the distance markers all started going a bit haywire.  By the time my Garmin clocked 21.1kms the finish line was nowhere in sight & I'd only just passed the 20km marker.  WTF??  

I started getting a bit anxious & frustrated & quite cranky as I made my way through the park following 3 runners who were abreast & trying to dodge puddles just like me, but were running slower than me & there was no way to pass them!  

I eventually crossed the finish line at 1 hour 59mins 58sec.  The Garmin said I'd run 21.68kms.  I was cold, wet, spent (having picked up the pace for the last 2kms to 5mins 11sec - final average pace was 5mins 32sec) & disappointed with my time, so headed for the bag check after being handed a finishers medal & a tube of yogurt.

Had to look around for water - there was a mobile drinking trough, so took my fill then got my dry jumper on.  I didn't wait around for the presentations, just wanted a hot coffee & to get back to my car & more dry clothes & the heater!!!  
Luckily for me the walkers had just about finished as I got to my car & by the time I managed to peel off the wet bottoms & drag the dry ones on with frozen fingers, the traffic management people were re-opening that section of road so I was able to leave almost 2 hours before I had thought I would be able to!!!  Yay for that.

Despite having the heater on flat out for the 40 minute drive home, my lips & face were still blue when I got home!!!  Plumbing boy pressure washed my shoes (very muddy!!) & I jumped straight into a hot epsom salts bath.  I only got out of it an hour & a half later because I was starving hungry!!!!!

The next day I was looking on the FB page of the event & noticed quite a few people commenting that the course was much longer than 21.1kms.  Some people said it was 22kms according to their GPS's.  I decided to email the event organisers after getting my official result from the website & ask the actual course distance. 

My Garmin was with in 2 seconds & a couple of metres for the marathon earlier in the year & according to my average pace on the day that it recorded, I should have easily PB'd. The maths just didn't make sense so I thought it was worth asking the question.

I received an email straight away from their office advising that the timing coordinator would get back to me shortly. I'm still waiting a week later.  I did however call their office yesterday & was advised unofficially that it was approximately 1/2km over & that my Garmin distance sounded pretty close (the timing coordinator was out of the office).

I'm going with my Garmin which clocks me at 1 hour 56 minutes & 11 seconds at the 21.1km mark giving me a PB of 1 minute 47 seconds better than my last half marathon including the 42 second pee stop!!!!  I'm really not fussed that the course was longer, I just wanted to KNOW!!! 

Apparently the error was in the little extra loop to make up the 1.1km - the 10km runners didn't have to run this section; we had to run 2 laps with the extra loop both times.  It was all for a good cause & the cold & wet is almost a distant memory.  

Sorry there are no photo's off the day - I was too cold & wet.  Here is my bling snapped today!!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Training Update 24th - 30th Nov

Monday: PM PT 500m Rowing, 20 x medicine ball slams with squats, 20 x medicine ball throws with squats, 10 x walking lunges, 20 x jumping lunges, 10 x walking lunges, 20 x jumping lunges.  4 x Sets.  Stretch

Tuesday: Run 1 - 8km trail run 43mins 47sec pace 5.28

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: PM PT Outdoor session - green band crab walks 20 steps up & back x 3; boxing, step ups & ladder runs; 10kg weighted walking lunges x 10, 20 x jumping lunges (repeat) x 3; basketball cone drills various, suicide runs x 3

Friday: AM Run 2: 6.25km 34mins 25sec pace 5.30

Saturday: AM Run 3 - 15kms 1hr 24mins 10 sec pace 5.36

Sunday: Rest

Not much to say other than I'm getting back into routine.  Loved the outdoor PT session, hopefully that will become the norm :-)

Light training week next week as I'm running this next Sunday.  My lovely friend who was hoping to do the 5km has had to pull out due to illness, so I'm dedicating 5 of my kms to her & running in memory of her Mum & Dad.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014