Thursday, November 20, 2014


So.  What's been happening?  We've been to Sydney for my cousin's wedding, & as we were almost halfway there, continued on to Port Douglas to see another cousin & help celebrate her 2 kid's (also our godchildren) birthdays for the rest of the week!!  I'll let the pictures tell the story shall I??

A sneaky cider at the airport on Friday afternoon

Ahhh Sydney, where they have big cups of cider!!!

A catch up with my Cousin, wife & 2 y/o plus sis & partner on arrival - the pizza didn't last long!!! 

Above - Coogee beach (where we were staying) on the day of the wedding - yes, I'm wearing clothes, you just cant see my bandeau bather top!!!  It was a little chilly in the water. 

Earlier I'd run the Coogee - Bondi coastal walk approximately 12kms return.  I was lucky that it was the annual Sculpture by the Sea Event that weekend & although I had to dodge a gazzilion people out looking & photographing the event, it was cool to see.  This one was my favourite "look who's here"

If I lived in Sydney I'd be a regular on this route - so beautiful.  I did have to stop twice on the way back & walk for a couple of minutes each as I was defeated by a couple of hills - this could have been due to said hills, the 28 degrees C before 9am temperature or the cider consumed the previous night!!!!!

Caught up in the afternoon with a mate from the Gong & shared a jug of Margaritas - pity it was so warm as it wasn't really frozen! 

Frocked up for the wedding

Day after the wedding @ Coogee Beach.  Was a little cool til you got walking which my sis & I did - in the other direction this time to Maroubra Beach along with a little rock hopping....

Spent the rest of the day with the family, extended family & friends of the Bride & Groom @ Coogee Beach, then back to my cousin's for a BBQ dinner.

Ate a lot - breaky @ Coogee one morning & Gelato @ Enmore - so good!!!!

 After 4 nights in Sydney, we headed north to Port Douglas.  Fun in the pool.

Working on some core exercises with the dogs wanting me to throw the ball at the same time!!  I so wanted to steal Oscar - he's such a cutie!!!!

Went for a drive on Friday up to Cape Tribulation, stopped for a swim..........

And went Jungle Surfing!!!!

Princess (6) & Pirates (4) Party on Saturday

Water balloon & spoon race (the birthday kids) above & playing with the TMNT outfit & sword below

Home to some cooler weather & the baby on Sunday - it's so hard to take a selfie with a cat who wont look at the camera!!!

Now I need to get back into training & work of the pudge around my middle!!!!


Chris H said...

Wow a gazillion photos! Lots of fun/food/good company by the look of it.
Good for you!

AlleyCat said...

haha yes, lots of photos for a change!! had fun indeed!! Thank you!!