Thursday, October 9, 2014

The excitement builds

The excitement is starting to build!!  Did my last training run of 10kms this  morning, so the training is all completed!!!

Got attacked by a mirror yesterday.  We only have one full length mirror which is basically a pane of mirror, not fastened to anything & it lives down the side of the freezer.  I lift it out when I need to use it & lean it up against something.  As I pulled it out yesterday, it slipped, the corner which was already chipped smashed into my thigh on the way down then the whole thing smashed onto the floor!!!

I've got 2 x 25mm long parallel cuts on my inner (ish) right thigh down towards my knee & a bit of a bruise as well.  I immediately covered it with tissues & bound it, not wanting to look.  I made plumbing boy check it out about 10 minutes later - no stitches required thankfully!!!  It's still a bit tender, but didn't bother me on the 10km this morning thankfully.

Race bag is packed & we are staying in the city for the weekend as it's also my birthday tomorrow & we're going out to a fancy restaurant for dinner.  I haven't had an alcoholic beverage for a week or so & am planning on having a couple tomorrow night to celebrate, then water til Sunday post marathon!!!!

I think I'm ready!!!!!


Carol said...

You are sooooooooo ready. Hydrate, carb up and run like the wind. I will be madly cheering for you if I see you sprint past. Have the best time ever and be very VERY proud!

AlleyCat said...

Thank you so much Carol!! I didn't see you, but I did think of you!!! BTW did you donate to beyondblue as Mrs G......?