Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Marathon Training Week 20/21

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This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: PM: PT - 1 rep max dead lifts; core. 

Tuesday: PM: Run 1: 12km slow & steady

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: AM: Run 2: 10km fast (scheduled) 5km acheived
PM: PT - 10 x 40kg back squats; 10 x 12kg kettle bell goblet squats; 10 x jump squats.  Repeat x 4

Friday: Rest

Saturday: PM 20kms

Sunday: Rest

Monday night I felt OK & we did dead lifts with the idea of seeing what the maximum I could lift doing only 1 set.  Started at 40kgs 3 x reps & worked my way to failure at 90kgs - couldn't quite manage 1 rep.  Mike was hoping to get me to the "tonne" but estimated around 80 - 85kgs would be my max with at least some semblance of form.  He was dead on the money.  I could do 3 reps at 80kgs.

Tuesday the weather turned nasty in the afternoon & the forecast was for hail so I did my slow recovery run on the treadmill.  The TV's in front of me didn't start working til the last 4kms, but a class started thankfully 20 minutes in so I had something to amuse me.

Wednesday I felt blah so took the day off training & had another long soak in the tub (after cleaning the house in preparation for the arrival of my parents) - figured I deserved it.

Thursday morning I was supposed to do a faster 10km.  I realised about 1.5kms in I was going to have to detour via a toilet.  I'd eaten a fair bit of harissa @ dinner the night before.  Well.  I actually had to penguin waddle the last 700 metres to the nearest loo otherwise I might have had a horrible accident LOL!!!!!  Of course I no longer had enough time to finish the 10km & headed for home.  My running coach was most amused & actually very happy I'd had a "shit" run so to speak - better to have one before the event than on the day LOL.  Needless to say, no more harissa for me.

Mum & Dad returned from an oversea's jaunt Thursday so I collected them from the airport & then Plumbing Boy & I drove them home to the country Friday night.  Saturday morning I did my last long run along the rail trail from Illowa to the break water & almost back again.  It was very picturesque except where I had to run past the abattoir - lordy that stunk!!!  I almost dry reached!!!!  I had 2 x water boys (well, one girl).  

My sis & PB road the trail on their bikes, opening & closing the gates in the first 3 km section then riding on ahead then stopping & waiting for me with water bottles.  They stopped for coffee at the breakwater while I headed for home.  PB had to hot tail it to get me some water at the 18km mark & my sis caught up at the 19.5km mark.  PB was urging me to go faster & beat her LOL!!

Spent the rest of the weekend catching up with the travel stories & pics & generally hanging out will family.  One week to go EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!

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