Friday, October 3, 2014

Marathon Training Week 19/21

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This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: PM: PT - 70kg dead lifts; 40kg bench sleigh runs, bench laying leg thrown downs (abs)

Tuesday: Run 1: 7km - didn't time

Wednesday: PM: Home work out - shoulder rehab exercises, push ups, squats, clams & 1 legged squats, core

Thursday: PM PT - Rowing sprint 300m, medicine ball thow (up) & squat x 10, medicine ball slam & squat x 10,  walking lunges 15 steps, 15 jumping lunges, return walking lunges 15 steps.  Repeat x 4. Planks 
Run 2: 5km treadmill didn't time

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Run 3: 36kms 3hrs 28 mins 10 seconds. average pace 5.46

Sunday: Rest

This week was all about preparing for my longest run ever!!  Why we did such an intense work out on Thursday night I do not know, however it served it's purpose as I had to work really bloody hard to get through the 36kms on Saturday.  My legs were still tired & stiff.  I reckon after tapering the extra 6.2kms I need to run on the day of the event couldn't possibly be tougher than what I've now done.  

I wasn't too nervous before hand & did all the carb loading & hydrating I'd been practising which I think worked fine.  Mentally the last 9 kms were  really hard work so I started dedicating each km to a particular person or two.  9th was dedicated to my Grandpa Blue - I spent time remembering things about him & of how proud he would be of me, not only doing this marathon, but the black cat trek with Dad.  8th km was his wife Grandma (she died when I was 16), I ended up repeating her name over & over Joyce Emily Mary & decided I would name my next pet JEM.

7th km was dedicated to my Mum's parents (other set of Grandparents Rita Jean & Clifford Hugh.  6th was our friend Chris (& his dog Eric) who took his own life in 2009 & one of the reasons why I support  beyondblue. 5th Plumbing Boy's brother who also took his own life 20? years ago this January. 

4th went to my mate D (miss eye of the tiger) & her family.  I just repeated their names over & over.  3rd was my cousin J (miss killing in the name of) & C (my cheer leader) - that went "killing in the name of, rah rah rah" - that almost made be giggle.  2nd last to PB & my PT Mike - who I imagined loping beside me; & the last to me & my cat.  If I'm not running this bloody thing for myself them why am I doing it right???

I recovered quite well - had a good stretch, came home & had a bath with epsom salts & then managed to spend the afternoon on my feet being a domestic goddess & watching a very ordinary AFL grandfinal.  Poor Swannies.

Not long to go now.  I'm counting the sleeps - some days that counting hasn't been so good LOL!!!  I announced I had 8 sleeps to go when in fact that should have been 11 or 12!!!  Bring it on!!!!


C said...

This time next week you will have completed the marathon!!! Woohoo, that is very exciting. I love the idea of having a km to think and reflect about people in your life, that is fabulous.

I'm looking forward to celebrating your amazing achievement when we catch up soon.


AlleyCat said...

Thank you Miss C!!!!!! Rah Rah Rah!!!! Whatever ya gotta do to get you through is my plan :-)

So looking forward to seeing you all very soon now!!!!! xoxo