Monday, September 22, 2014

Marathon Training Week 18/21

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This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: PT - combo intensity & weight training - 3 x sets 30kg weighted box step ups 5 each leg; 10 x 30kg dead lifts; 10 x 16kg goblet squats. 5 x sets 10 each side theraband side lunges.  Stretching

Tuesday: PM Run 1: Speed Session - 1km warm up, 1km fast as possible.  Rest 3 mins.  1km fast as possible, 1km recover pace; Rest 3 mins.  2kms fast as possible.

Wednesday: PM shoulder rehab exercises; glute activation work; chest & back; core

Thursday: AM Run 2: 5km fast pace
PM PT - 5 x sets Bulgarian split 10 each leg; 10 x 20kg sumo goblet squats; 3 x sets smith machine donkey kicks 10 each leg weight 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg respective sets.  Streching

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Run 3: 15kms slow & steady 84mins 25 sec ave pace 5mins 37 sec

Sunday: Rest

The stress/anxiety I had last week about the Marathon subsided somewhat & the rest of the week proceeded as normal.  Thank you to everyone who commented & provided moral support while I was having a moment :-)  You all rock!!!!

I had a few technical issues RE the garmin this week.  Run 1 I set it in intervals but failed to press go for the last set.  Oops.  Then somehow it was still on intervals Thursday morning & only recorded my first 2kms!!!  Oh well.  Minor detail.  You live & you learn.

2 weeks of training followed by 1 week taper the event will be here!!!  Can you believe I'm already thinking about what's next???


Carol said...

Of course you are thinking of what's next!! You don't want to get into a post-run slump. But how are you going to top this!!! You are ready Cat, I've never seen (or read about) someone so driven to achieve this goal. So so soooo excited for you.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Carol - you've really made my day with this comment :-) xo