Thursday, September 11, 2014

Marathon Training Week 16/21

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This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: Stuffed neck - rest

Tuesday: PM - PT - dead lifts & kettle bell swings, weighted sleigh runs; ab (kinda ab roller) work

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Run 1: 5km speed session aim to get under 25 mins - 24mins 46secs
PM PT - 8 min AMRAP - back squats, kettle bell squats, 1 legged step ups x 5 each side (not alternating); theraband side lunges; something else - can't remember!!

Friday: PM Run 2:- 7km hills 39mins 33secs

Saturday: Run 3: 16kms 95mins 50secs

Sunday: Rest

Sweet 16 wasn't such a sweet week.  Neck felt good enough after Monday's physio to go to PT & had permission provided I stayed away from upper body stuff.  I had another physio treatment on Wednesday night - was dressed & planned to go to the gym afterwards, but the treatment aggravated it a bit & I had such a killer headache I came home instead.  Luckily I woke up Thursday morning feeling so much better & was at 100% by Sunday.

Run 1 felt doomed as my ipod was flat, but I braved my own head & proceeded as planned & smashed the time!  Not sure if it was the lack of tunes or the additional rest days!!!

Run 2 hills was tough but OK, done again outside - 7 laps around a little housing estate close by with a killer hill in the middle of it.  I was visualising my cheer squad on each up hill - first was miss D in her car blaring eye of the tiger, followed my cuz J in her car blaring killing in the name of, & you miss C popped up through the (non existent) sun roofs of both cars (don't ask me how you managed that!!) in your cheer leaders outfit waving streamers & cheering!!!

Run 3 was really tough.  While it was a shorter distance than the previous weeks, I think that running 3 days in a row had a negative impact on me.  I also didn't bother with the carb loading as it wasn't even half marathon distance.  Perhaps my body is accustomed to the carb loading on longer runs now.  Who knows.  On the upside I think it was good to have a run where I had to tough it out, as my recent longer runs have all been quite cruizy!!!   

Not much else to report.  Let's hope the Catters do a little better this week & put an end to North's finals campaign!!!!!


Chris H said...

Glad your neck came right. My god you are so dedicated to your running!

C said...

Ha ha, that is hilarious about the cheerleading outfit and the sunroof! It just made me think about how I should shave my legs to make sure I didn't scare you in these daydreams!!! ;)

Keep up the good wo

C said...


Sorry, phone glitch!

And go cats!!!!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris.

Thanks C!!! I hope I'm not thinking hairy legs next time LOL!!!!!!!!

Carol said...

I got told to put the gadgets away sometimes so purposely turn the music off, makes it easier if it's a beautiful day though. Although I still have to have Runkeeper going quietly in my pocket, I live for the Runkeeper lady telling me how far I've run! ha. Glad the neck is a bit better.

AlleyCat said...

yes, the conditions sometimes do make it easier to turn off the tunes. I have to admit sometimes on long runs I'm so off with the fairies I couldn't tell you what I was listening to - just tune out for a while. Always have my watch going :-)