Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

Marathon Training Week 18/21

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This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: PT - combo intensity & weight training - 3 x sets 30kg weighted box step ups 5 each leg; 10 x 30kg dead lifts; 10 x 16kg goblet squats. 5 x sets 10 each side theraband side lunges.  Stretching

Tuesday: PM Run 1: Speed Session - 1km warm up, 1km fast as possible.  Rest 3 mins.  1km fast as possible, 1km recover pace; Rest 3 mins.  2kms fast as possible.

Wednesday: PM shoulder rehab exercises; glute activation work; chest & back; core

Thursday: AM Run 2: 5km fast pace
PM PT - 5 x sets Bulgarian split 10 each leg; 10 x 20kg sumo goblet squats; 3 x sets smith machine donkey kicks 10 each leg weight 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg respective sets.  Streching

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Run 3: 15kms slow & steady 84mins 25 sec ave pace 5mins 37 sec

Sunday: Rest

The stress/anxiety I had last week about the Marathon subsided somewhat & the rest of the week proceeded as normal.  Thank you to everyone who commented & provided moral support while I was having a moment :-)  You all rock!!!!

I had a few technical issues RE the garmin this week.  Run 1 I set it in intervals but failed to press go for the last set.  Oops.  Then somehow it was still on intervals Thursday morning & only recorded my first 2kms!!!  Oh well.  Minor detail.  You live & you learn.

2 weeks of training followed by 1 week taper the event will be here!!!  Can you believe I'm already thinking about what's next???

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Marathon Training Week 17/21

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This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: PM PT - 8 minute AMRAPs - Back Squats, Kettle Bell Squats, box step ups 5 repeats each leg (not alternating); Theraband side lunges, Calf raises 1 x rep 20 both legs; 10 x 10 reps each leg.

Tuesday: PM Run 1: 7kms 37mins 32sec

Wednesday: PM gym - shoulders, chest, back & core.  Mega stretching

Thursday: PM PT - Dead Lifts; Weighted Glute Bridges; stretching
Run 2: 5km treadmill - 25mins 41sec
More mega stretching.

Friday: Rest - foam rolling & stretching

Saturday: Run 3: 30 - 32kms - 3hrs 3 mins 39sec

Sunday: Rest

Week 17 started with PT Monday night concluding with calf raises on a set of stairs.  I had to do 10 on each leg working my way down a small flight of 10 steps.  Sounds easy right?  I've been crippled all week much to my PT's amusement!!!  Every time I sit for (5 minutes in the beginning), 10 - 15 by Friday, my calves tightened up & I was hobbling like nobodies business.  I was able to run, but had to walk for almost a km to warm them up before I could start!

There was a fair bit of recovery required which included wearing my skins under my clothes for most of the week (lucky I have 2 pairs now as I was sleeping in them too) & multiple baths.

Tuesday nights run was brilliant.  I had physio in Williamstown & planned to run after that bayside.  It was a strange day weather wise - blowing a gale earlier in the day, quite a bit of rain in the afternoon, but by the time it came to run the wind had completely died off & the rain had stopped.  It was just beautiful running along the foreshore, watching the lights of the city come out, a few flashes of lightening behind the city.  I felt so calm & at peace on the second half as darkness fell.  

The first half was as dusk was falling, & I encountered quite a few bugs - in my eyes, in my mouth & 2 up my nose!!  Ewww.  It could have been worse I suppose.  For those of you who have ever snorted or inhaled a fly, you will understand LOL!!!  These were much smaller, but bloody annoying!!!  Thankfully as the dark settled, the bugs buggered off.

Run 2 was on the treadmill after a dead lift session.  I didn't quite make the pace I was aiming for, but it was a good effort after a strength session.

I did a little online shopping this week - my PT recommended I purchase an Ab wheel from ebay as much cheaper than in the shops - best $12-95 + postage I've ever spent apparently - PT was excited.  My abs are feeling it today I must say, & I am glad I got one with a foam knee pad :-)

My other purchase was some bulk epsom salts.  With all the recovery baths I've been having it was either investing in radox/epsom salt shares or finding a cheaper bulk alternate & this was it.  

I also have an order in with Tailwind Nutrition for some more of their sports drink (powder) but has yet to arrive.  I had just enough left to get me through this weeks long run so it better arrive soon!!!  Carb loading began with something else though this week.  We had a birthday at work so of course there was cake for breakfast Friday morning!!

I really need to invest in some round tins - the only tins I have that are the same size are these square ones & the cake really is a bit sky high!!  It stood about 25cms & was a smidge hard to cut up.  All got eaten though.

Run 3 - the big one!  My choice of between 30 - 32kms depending on how I was feeling on the day.  It was always going to be 32kms.  I felt good until around the 30km mark when my right knee started to hurt.  KM 31 was my slowest @ 6 minutes which made me cranky & I sped right up to run the last km at 5mins 22secs - the fastest of the 32kms LOL.

The loveliest thing happened while I was stretching - I'd run past two guys coming from the oposite direction at around the 14km mark, they stopped at the public toilets at around my 18th km & then over took me & ran off into the distance.  They must have run well past where I stopped, & as they were on their way back past where I was stretching, yelled out "great run!!! well done!!"  I grinned & yelled back THANK YOU!!!!!!!  I was feeling the love :-)

I've recovered pretty well considering everything hurt on completion.  But nothing some ice (for the knee) a very long bath or 2, plenty of stretching & foam rolling hasn't sorted out!!!  

I think I've had too much coffee today which has made me a bit anxious & I've been fretting on whether I can manage the last 10kms!!!  I've just grabbed a whiteboard marker & defaced the mirror we have in our bathroom with some reminders & positive affirmations:

#You've Got This
#Just get it Done - worry about it Later!
#You are Stronger than you Think
#The miracle isn't finishing, it's the courage to START!!!
#Make yourself Proud
#NO Negative thoughts Allowed
#I Can Do It
#The only wall you need to conquer is the one you built in your mind
#Believe in Yourself
#There is nothing to FEAR but FEAR itself
#Sometimes all you have to do is forget what you feel & remember what you deserve.

Yup it's a big mirror.  Pictures next week!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Marathon Training Week 16/21

Don't forget  I'm fundraising for Beyond Blue - secure donations gratefully accepted here

This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: Stuffed neck - rest

Tuesday: PM - PT - dead lifts & kettle bell swings, weighted sleigh runs; ab (kinda ab roller) work

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Run 1: 5km speed session aim to get under 25 mins - 24mins 46secs
PM PT - 8 min AMRAP - back squats, kettle bell squats, 1 legged step ups x 5 each side (not alternating); theraband side lunges; something else - can't remember!!

Friday: PM Run 2:- 7km hills 39mins 33secs

Saturday: Run 3: 16kms 95mins 50secs

Sunday: Rest

Sweet 16 wasn't such a sweet week.  Neck felt good enough after Monday's physio to go to PT & had permission provided I stayed away from upper body stuff.  I had another physio treatment on Wednesday night - was dressed & planned to go to the gym afterwards, but the treatment aggravated it a bit & I had such a killer headache I came home instead.  Luckily I woke up Thursday morning feeling so much better & was at 100% by Sunday.

Run 1 felt doomed as my ipod was flat, but I braved my own head & proceeded as planned & smashed the time!  Not sure if it was the lack of tunes or the additional rest days!!!

Run 2 hills was tough but OK, done again outside - 7 laps around a little housing estate close by with a killer hill in the middle of it.  I was visualising my cheer squad on each up hill - first was miss D in her car blaring eye of the tiger, followed my cuz J in her car blaring killing in the name of, & you miss C popped up through the (non existent) sun roofs of both cars (don't ask me how you managed that!!) in your cheer leaders outfit waving streamers & cheering!!!

Run 3 was really tough.  While it was a shorter distance than the previous weeks, I think that running 3 days in a row had a negative impact on me.  I also didn't bother with the carb loading as it wasn't even half marathon distance.  Perhaps my body is accustomed to the carb loading on longer runs now.  Who knows.  On the upside I think it was good to have a run where I had to tough it out, as my recent longer runs have all been quite cruizy!!!   

Not much else to report.  Let's hope the Catters do a little better this week & put an end to North's finals campaign!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Marathon Training Week 15/21

Don't forget  I'm fundraising for Beyond Blue - secure donations gratefully accepted here

This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: PT - Bulgarian split squats body weight + weighted, weighted glute bridges, floor glute-ham raises, kettle bell swings; stretching, foam rolling

Tuesday: PM Run 1: 10km - 10km pace 55mins 39 sec pace 5mins 33 seconds
PM Usual shoulder & glute activation work + core, chest & back

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: AM Run 2: 5km - 5km pace 25mins 42 sec pace 5mins 8sec

PM PT - 8 mins AMRAP's (as many reps as possible) 10 x front squats, 5 x explosive box step ups each leg, 10 x jumping lunges; theraband side lunges; theraband sleigh runs. Stretching & foam rolling.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: AM Run 3: 28kms - 2 hrs 41 mins pace 5mins 46 sec

Sunday: Rest

I had first aid training on Tuesday which finished early so was able to get out & do my 10km in the beautiful sunshine!!!  Now that the days are getting longer it's OK to run locally after work.  I don't like to run on the road in the afternoon/evening as there is generally too much traffic & the close enough bike/walking tracks aren't really safe (or busy enough to be safe) unless its daylight..

It was the anniversary of our dear friend Chris's passing this week.  He is one of my motivators for beyondblue fund raising.  I can't believe it has been 5 years already.  He used to take his dog Eric down to the doggie beaches around Altona to run & frolic.  Now that my distance is long enough I run past this beach & imagine Eric running along side me & Chris (he was not a runner) cheering me on from his afterlife.  I'm sure he would have offered up a number of tunes to run too, so this week has been dedicated to him.

The long run was the longest yet & really good!!  It was a sensational morning & I spotted 90 doggies running/walking/playing!!!  Counting (& remembering what number I'm up to) gives me something to think about while I'm running.

Other than having a stiff neck (had been getting progressively worse during the week) my body held up well & my time was really good!!!  Legs felt fabulous the next day!!  Neck however was cactus - woke up Sunday morning (after having to sleep (doze) sitting upright on the couch with pillows holding my head & neck up because it was too painful to lay on my back or side with a wry neck.  A couple of physio treatments later & I'm getting there.  If I had 5% movement Sunday morning I've got 80% back today although still sore & stiff in the top range.  To give an example, I had to stand on a chair to hang out the laundry as I couldn't tip my head back or up on Sunday to see the clothes line!!!

I had my sister, niece & cousin visit & stay Saturday night & we had a lovely girls night in with home made pizza, chocolate ice cream, berries & wine watching a girly movie!  Plumbing Boy was off on a club dirt bike riding weekend.

Was lovely to catch up with my peeps :-)

2 super long runs left now before the marathon (6 weeks to go). I have 16km this Saturday, then 30 - 32 the following, then a shorter one, then 32 - 36, then a shorter one, then the Marathon itself.  I'm thinking I can do this!!!