Thursday, August 28, 2014

Marathon Training Week 14/21

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This weeks training looked like this:

Monday: PM PT - weighted lunges, kettle bell swings

Tuesday: PM Run 1: 6km in 1/2km splits - 1st 1/2km warm up slow, 2nd half 1/2 as fast as possible.  Repeat x 5
Usual shoulder & glute activation work + core, chest & back

Wednesday: PM 15mins walking, 15mins rowing, 3 x 12 push ups, 4 x 10 body weight squats, farmers walks, incline crunches, vertical leg raises; stretching 

Thursday: Run 2: 10kms normal pace - 54mins 16sec
PM PT - AMRAP's - as many reps as possible in 8 minutes - 10 x band assisted pull ups, 10 x 12kg goblet squats, 20 x 16km kettle bell swings - cant remember if I almost got through 3 or 4 sets.  Theraband side lunges, box step ups; Stretching

Friday: Rest

Saturday: AM 18kms 100mins 30 secs

Sunday: Rest

As it was a lighter running week (long run wasn't so long) I did a fair bit of leg work.  Yikes.  They were smashed.  Although I did run the 18kms a bit faster than I should have.  No fog this week.  Excuse the sweat.  You can see the bay & a big ship in the background (click to make biggerer).

I had an acupuncture treatment after the run - the acupuncturist wanted me to come at least every 4 weeks while I'm training for the marathon, but I've dragged it out to 6 weeks.  There is only so much money to be spent on such things!!!  I do find he gives as much relief as a massage in terms of releasing tight muscles, but of course a massage has other "healing" qualities & is a total body experience.  I don't like to watch the needles go in or see them in, but I did take a sneaky selfie this time of my Psoa needles (hip flexors).

Despite it technically still being winter down under, I reckon spring has definitely sprung!! Heaps of cherry blossoms out & I had to snap these daffodils while waiting for my coffee in the city after acupuncture.  Yes, that is my purple sneaker in the shot.

Spent the majority of the rest of my weekend being a domestic goddess (chore slave) - dealing with laundry & food.  But OMG these eggie things (as we call them) are bloody awesome :0)


Carol said...

This glorious weather that we've been having just puts you in a good mood doesn't it? Brave you with the accupunture, hope it brings relief. I'm scared of needles so the thought of that just turns my stomach.

AlleyCat said...

LOL sometimes they hurt a little - can usually feel them piercing the skin, but the tension relief is worth it!!!!

Chris H said...

NEEDLES!!!! Eeeekkkk... you are braver than me Chick.

AlleyCat said...

LOL i do have a bit of an advantage on that one Chris - my cousin lived with us while she was studying traditional chinese medicine & she used to practice on me. I've had plenty of time to overcome my fear. When i was a kid I used to hyperventilate, faint &/or throw up I'd be in such a state!!!!!

AlleyCat said...

PS Carol - you have an acupuncturist in Mortlake!!! Michelle Lehmann (also my cousin!!!)